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Automatically Retagging/Updating Keywords of Bookmarks?

Asked by shumone (60points) January 8th, 2010

You know how we add tags when we bookmark.
There are useful extensions like HandtyTag that that are super helpful and give suggestions (but ONLY when we are bookmarking it for the first time)

Is there anyway to do the same for editing bookmarks, like integrate Handytag when I edit/retag bookmarks OR some other extension/website which automatically updates bookmarks with additional keywords/tags from its database?

The only way I can think of now is to open all my bookmarks in tabs, delete them from the bookmarks bar, and retag EVERYTHING manually

T. T

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I use for my bookmarking. It does that. Not locally but there is a Firefox extension.

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thank u for your suggestion but i’ve tried the same thing too but it doesn’t automatically add tags to my existing bookmarks which is kind of what i’m looking for.

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Xmarks, maybe?

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@aprilsimnel Xmarks is for syncing bookmarks across browsers/computers

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