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Do you like to have your own space?

Asked by Jude (32198points) January 9th, 2010

When you’ve got the joint (tu casa) to yourself, don’t you just love it? If you had the choice, would you want to live on your own? If you’re in a house with a lot of activity and bodies (fur bodies, as well) roaming about, do you find that you need time away from these people? When you do, where do you go (while you’re at home)?

I love my space.

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I still live at home and I desperately want to move out. I don’t mind living with people, but family life is getting old. I love when they leave the house.

Where do I go to get away from it when I’m stuck at home? Fluther.

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I’m the type of person who can be a hermit and love it.

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From everyone buy my husband. I hate space from him

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I did live alone for about 11/2 years and it was fine. my oldest daughter lives downstairs now but certainly has her own life so I’m often alone. A house with lots of people in it makes me tired after a few hours.

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As a loner, and one who lived alone for 15 years, yes I love my own space. However, a couple of years ago I moved in with my Mom when I was expecting to permanently move away in a couple of weeks. We’re still having a blast so I’m staying indefinitely. Since it’s just the two of us, we know when to give each other alone time and space.

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I’m cramped when I’m around other people. This morning I was home alone. I was able to write in my journal while sitting in the living room, something I could never do with other people in the house. I was able to read the newspaper while drinking a cup of tea without being interrupted. I was able to measure the dining room walls for a project I want to do without having to explain to anyone why, or have anyone staring at me while I was standing on a ladder.

When my mom and sister arrived home an hour ago I came upstairs and started looking at real estate websites. Now I can hear the television’s reverberations creeping through the floorboards and drywall, as well as my sister teasing the dog, who will begin barking shortly.

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My girlfriend and I have decided that when we are married we will keep her apartment in New York, so that either of us can use it for a pied-a-terre.

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I love it! Wouldn’t want it any other way!

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Since I have young kids and a husband and a dog and two cats…. I get absolutely zero space. Sometimes I dream of the time when I had my own apartment. Sadly I also dream of the future when perhaps I will be able to have time to myself. But of course, I wouldn’t change my life for anything..

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I love having my own space even when it is just my husband. I love being with him too, but time alone is vital to me.

(And yes, getting away from the dogs is good too!)

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I have experienced living with roommates, living with partners, and living on my own. I have had my house to myself, aside from the odd couch surfer crashing, for almost 3 years now and absolutely love it. I am the type of person who needs space and alone time to unwind, regroup, and maintain sanity, I enjoy my own company and like having control over my environment. I do have my 2 dogs and 1 cat, so am not flying 100% solo! So far in life, they are the only ones I have been happy to share my space with. If I ever do have a commited relationship, I hope my partner will not have an issue with seperate residences :)

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I want my own space, in fact I’d say I NEED my own space but also need the company of other mortal beings. It’s a two edged sword for me.
Luckily I have most of the day to myself generally so have lots of ME time.

Most of us need a little “space” at some point I’d imagine….......

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@pdworkin A really great idea. +GA

I need my space. I lived alone for over 20 years, now alone again. I live about 5 miles from the nearest neighbor and need ever foot of that space. In my present state of mind I would be miserable any closer to other people. My two Persian “fur people” are the closest I can tolerate to any companionship.

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I have had many years at a time when I was alone. There is something to be said for having time to yourself now and then, but too much “alone time” can wither the soul. My wife and I are very, very close. If I need time alone, I go riding my Harley. That always fixes it. : )

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The next house we purchase will have a workspace for each of us; my husband and me. He would like a workshop for his tools and man gear, and I would like a workspace, even possibly an area to work from our home. It is essential for us to have our own space. We can’t wait for more space!

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I like my own space too. Dealing with human beings can sometimes be a drag…. People always want things and will be your friend once they can get them, and the day that you dont have anything they dont like you. I welcome company but I most of the times like to be by myself.

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I love my own space. But am also thrilled when the other inhabitants return. In a perfect world, we would have common spaces and all have that private study, library, studio or workshop to be alone. Mine has a library, drawing table, booze and comfy chairs…My family could even come in sometimes to my imaginary room. With wife and kids, I look forward to my own time when they are all away, but after a while it gets kinda lonely. On another note, with increasingly congested urban spaces and concentrations of wealth, privacy seems to be more and more a luxury of the “haves”.

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I crawl into a book while soaking in the tub. My house is a busy place, if I waited until all was still I’d never have my own space.

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I have my man cave, it is also my office where I work. It’s organized my way and the rest of the family stays out. I go there when I need to, but I don’t live in there. I love to have my space too.

I enjoyed being a bachelor when I was younger, my own place and such. But I sure do love my family now.

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My wife and I have been apart for two months so she could help her recently widowed daughter. I supported that but I am delighted she will be how this coming Tuesday.

I never want so much space to myself again. We know how to give each other space even inside this tiny old house. It works fine for us both.

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I lived on my own for a while, and it actually got really lonely. I’ve also lived with several other people, sharing a room, and I nearly strangled all of them.

I love having roommates, but I need my own room.

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Space, yes, but also time to myself. I need alone time very much. My dogs don’t interfere w/that at all; it’s kind of alone time if I take them all out for a tromp in the woods. My husband travels a lot, so we don’t get sick of each other. :-)

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I have a roommate situation. I enjoy my space and find it necessary to reflect, re-group, and re-energize. I need a minimum of two nights a week to myself. I don’t know how to explain it, but even if the other person is quiet- it still doesn’t feel the same when I am completely alone in a room. I have dogs, but they don’t seem to ever bother me. I also like to wash all laundry including the ones I am wearing. Something is liberating and free about having all laundry washed or being washed and then walk around naked.

I like to go to my reading room to escape.

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yes, I need my space, even when I’m in a relationship. It’s nice to have some balance.

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I don’t just love having my own space, I need it or I turn into a complete megab*tch.

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Yes, I do…..I love it, I need it and I crave it when I don’t have it.

(I asked a similar question….a few weeks back.)

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Seems I’m in the minority. I crave social interaction. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I need social interaction in order to stay a happy, healthy individual. It’s not that I can’t be alone, but that I find it very draining. I lived on my own for a year and hated almost everything about it – there wasn’t anyone to bounce ideas off of, to have conversations with, to be with. The invention of texting has been a godsend for me. As has my wonderful roommate.

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I can be alone whenever I want, no matter how many people are around me, so it makes no difference. If no one is home, I’m fine with that as well.

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I’ve lived alone (no partner/no roomies) for a short time and several other times with partners and/or roomies (couples) and I prefer cohabitation since it brings out the best in me. To be alone, I can go in my room and close the door or take a drive. When I think of delicious alone time, I think of being with my partner but away from home, no pets, no celly interruptions, no thoughts of the daily familiar. ahhh

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I enjoy alone time, but I usually waste it.

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I am an extrovert so I am energised when I am around people. So I wouldn’t want to live on my own. I absolutely love being with my husband and our house is pretty big so he can be in another part of the house from me and we aren’t in each other’s space. I don’t mind being by myself for periods of time. I quite like when the house is quiet. I often find after a while though, I will log onto fluther or something to connect with people.

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