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In your opinion, Where would you find the truth of the universe?

Asked by babaji (1440points) January 9th, 2010

There is this most fantastic world that we live in, so in your opinion, where would you find the “Truth” of it all? In school, in books, in specific books, in Holy books, in Religion, in your personal experience? in a relationship or maybe a secret initiation? Were talking, “where is the real Secret here” the kind that instantly enlightens you?

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To be honest, I believe the truth is within myself. Regardless of books, churchs, or teachings the ultimate conclusion is within myself and what I believe. I don’t have a set of beliefs toward one religion, but I have gathered information from muliple sources and created my own beliefs which I feel is the truth of the universe because it is how I see it.

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Instant enlightenment can come from anywhere—a bowl of rice, the moon reflected in a bucket of water, a snake moving through the grass. But I don’t think the real truth of the universe is to be found, not because it isn’t there but because it does not exist in a form that can be apprehended by a human mind.

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The truth is out there grasshopper.

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The real truth is very ordinary: just here, just now, just what’s going on. What makes it seem complex or esoteric is our attempts to conceptualize (or ‘apprehend’, as @Jeruba says) the truth into the form of ideas. When one interrupts that relentless grasping, and just appreciates the moment for the whole that it is, the truth stops being mysterious or elusive: what is is, what ain’t ain’t. It’s only when you try to describe or explain it that the confusion sets in.

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People choose a source of cosmological knowledge.

Some will be satisfied with long standing explanations associated with religion. They are reassuring and comforting but impossible to directly test. That is why science does not deal with them.

Science has less certainty about the origins of the Universe. Over time, and probably long periods of it, scientific evidence will grow and theories will continue to be refined. The resulting knowledge may offer no reassurance or comfort, but then that is not the task of science.

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The truth of the universe? Frankly, I think that anyone who even entertains the idea of such a concept to be completely barking mad.

The universe is pretty self-explanatory, as far as I’ve noticed.

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I find truth in my ability to think. But the whole is bigger than the one and so I believe that all truth lies in the collective human consciousness.

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Ultimately in your own experience. hence, formal logic.

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No one knows all of it, just that which they’re aware of. The world is a reflection of one’s self, so the “truth of the universe” is inside you. Get in touch with yourself, then the universe makes a lot more sense.

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@filmfann You, sir, are now my god.

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Is there such a thing as a ‘truth of the universe’? I don’t believe it can come from god or religion, for me but that’s just my own life – I find my truth in love, in myself, in my kids, in my dreams.

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In the Bible.

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The physical truths of the universe are gradually being revealed to us as we improve our ability to observe and measure. It’s a never-ending process. New observations raise more questions and challenge our paradigms.

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Ah! If I knew that, I wouldn’t be spending my time answering questions on Fluther, now would I? : D

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As a friend of mine put it, “Finding the truth is as easy as shooting a barn. With a shotgun. And you’re in the barn.” The hard part isn’t finding it; it’s recognizing it.

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Right in front of your nose. And behind it.

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I always suspect that it’s hiding just around the next corner.

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Healthy spirituality, science, the humanities, music, art. The list is long.

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It’s written on a little piece of paper hidden at the base of a pine tree :)

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Within yourself :-)

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There is nothing but Truth.
And it is to be found Everywhere.

We are blessed/cursed with an ability to be uncertain about it.

What fun!

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