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And now for something completely different - Horrible ways to die?

Asked by octopussy (1227points) January 9th, 2010

For me it’s a toss up between being buried alive and being burnt to death, how about you?

He that dies pays all debts ~ William Shakespeare ~

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Death is not something I see as horrible. It is just a way of life. I suppose the worst way to die would be doing something embarrassing.

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Poor, with Alzheimer’s, in a bad nursing home where the staff hates their jobs and the patients.

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Being shot and slowly bleeding to death. You have to watch your life seep out of your body… that, and I’m terrified of guns.

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have you ever seen 1,000 Ways To Die on Spike TV? You’ll see some bad/unusual ones on there!

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Dying alone in anyway terrifies me.

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drowning under the ice, being buried alive.

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Disemboweled alive, or burned to death.

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Slowly, starving to death.

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Jumping off a cliff into helicopter blades

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Ebola. Bleeding from every orafice sounds awful.
Having to watch “Project Runway” with my wife again.
A flesh eating disease.

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Onstage during open mic night.

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That happens to you daily on Fluther. What’s the big deal, @AstroChuck ?

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Ooh. That hurts!

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be prepared for death by a thousand cuts, chuckie

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By custard!

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@lloydbird No need to swear.

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Staked naked, spreadeagle on an ant hill.After the hill was stirred.

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In thinking about how to answer this, I keep returning to situations in which I would not wish to live. The worst I can imagine is dying in some form of captivity, having been rendered incapable of taking my own life before capture. That fear extends to being kept alive in a debilitated physical or mental state.

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Being eaten alive by an alligator, shark or other predator.

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I don’t know, @Marina. Violence doesn’t terrify me as much as long, drawn-out, disoriented existential agony.

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@pdworkin I thought with a shudder about your option, but I assume I would not know that was my situation if I was in it.

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Yeah, but you do know. My dad died of it, and he knew. And he was tenderly cared for by people who loved him, and died in his own bed at home.

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I would hate to die by acid being poured over my body, slowly, from the feet up and able to realize the flesh was being eaten off and there would be nothing I could do about it.

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Force me to watch everyone I love or care about get killed in front of me, then destroy my ears so it’s the last thing I ever hear. Next, remove my eyelids so that’s the last thing I see as I slowly go blind. Then remove my limbs slowly, day by day. Cut off a toe and cauterize, cut off a toe and cauterize, then move up to feet and legs, then remove the arms, etc. Finally, completely powerless, leave me to starve to death.

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Death by water.

No question.

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Death by serial killer. Those guys get creative.

I’m also horribly afraid of being buried alive… I plan on being cremated.

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Burning to death
Drawn and Quartered
Firing Squad
Hanging by the neck
Subjected to a biological / neurological / chemical toxin (WMD)
Crushed by a heavy object
Skydiving and the parachute fails to open
Buried alive
Disembowelment / vivisection
Iron Maiden

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The worst I can think of is being eaten by ants. It would take a long time, and they would work their way to new levels of pain the deeper they got. Burning to death is number two.

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Dying young would be the worst thing for me. I just hope I am old and done.

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@everyone.. Great answers.:)
@pdworkin.. your post scares me the most, there aint nothing good about getting old :(

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Why come in here and attack me gratuitously? You must be very, very bored.

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You say attack. I say poking fun. I mean no discontent. Merely trying to get a laugh.

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Slow asphyxiation scares me the most.

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Having to live out the rest of my days.

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Being locked in a blank, empty room, with no windows or anything new to look at. With a hyperactive bored child.

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