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What is the maximum supported resolution of VGA cables?

Asked by warpling (849points) January 10th, 2010

I’ve been researching projectors for awhile now and I’m shopping in the XGA resolution range (1024×768), but a lot of the projectors I see only come with a VGA and component port. What’s the deal? I thought VGA only supported up to 800×600. Are these projectors upscaling the input image or what?

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I have an LCD monitor connected via a VGA connector which has a resolution of 1024×768 so I doubt you’ll have any problems.

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The external monitor on my iMac is connected with VGA. It is running at 1440×900.

And after some time with Google it seems like you just got some bad info. I wouldn’t worry.

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Cables don’t care. Personally, I’ve gone up to 2048×1536 through a VGA cable.

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