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Which device shall I pick for presentations using a projector?

Asked by prasad (3841points) January 18th, 2013

I will be using it for teaching. Presently, I use the blackboard and the (VGA) projector for presenting my lectures. I do have a laptop and an iPod touch 3GS. I want to use my iPod touch instead of the laptop (one reason, it is insecure here to keep my laptop in my absences and second is ease of carrying. I can always carry the iPod in my pocket). I have found the VGA adapter that Apple provides, but it seems it is incompatible with iPod 3gs. If I buy the cable anyway, will that work with my iPod?

For presentations, I would need some apps too. For now, I will rely on iBooks. I can create my presentations on laptop, convert those to pdf and sync it to the iPod. I don’t know whether iBooks works fine for this purpose.

Lastly, I would like to know about the resolution. Will projected image be pixelated or as it is seen on the iPod screen? A little loss in resolution is alright, but images should not be too much blurred, pixelated or sloppy.

Apart from this, can you suggest me any other devices I can use to plug into the VGA of the projector and deliver the presentations? Can you suggest smartphones or anything else?

Thanks in advance.
I don’t have a smartphone.

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Well, Nvidia, Valve and Razer have anounced small devices that would be better than the iPedo.
There is the Razer Edge. It is a high spec gaming tablet PC. Has an HDMI port, but there are adapters for that.
Then there is the NVidia Shield, a high end, Android based portable gaming system. Also has an HDMI port.
And finally, there is Valve’s Steam Box. It is a linux based PC, but you can install Windows on it if you like. Very compact and thus portable.

Out of those three though, I would grab the Razer Edge, if you can live with the price that is.

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Your classroom has a projector, but no desktop? That sounds unusual to me. Ordinarily, I would say any small USB drive should be sufficient to carry presentations around.

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For some of my presentations I use my ipad, and the apple keynote app, I havent checked if it works eith the iphone/ipad touch, but I really sont see any reason it should not.

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@ragingloli The three devices look like gaming devices. I am not sure if they can run either powerpoint presentations or pdf files, and also VGA adapter or connector availability for these devices.

@glacial Your point is valid. There should be a desktop, but we (our department) have only one laptop common to all professors. Unavailability of laptop is a bit of an issue.

@Staalesen Does it work good? I mean speed, resolution, etc. I am also thinking about iPad mini. I don’t know whether it will fit in my pocket. How is your experience? And, does the VGA adapter mirror everything? (shows everything on the iPad screen as it is on the projector?) Or does it show only when some apps are played? Could you tell me if iBooks works with the projector?

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The edge and steambox definitely can, because they are PCs on which you can install windows (the Edge even comes with Win8 installed). And you can get an HDMI to VGA adapter to connect your beamer.

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@prasad For my use (mostly powerpoint slides) it works perfectly, i does mirror, so everything on the screen of the iPad will be seen on the projector. I would recomend keynote for presentations thou, since you can edit files, and stuff on the ipad directly. I books is foremost a e-reader, and thus will have the limitations of one, but I do belive PDFs should do work nicely in it.

As for the Ipad mini, I have never tried it, but i do not see why it should not work the same as it larger cousins :)

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@ragingloli Those products look great for gamers. I have but few needs. And, I am afraid I will not be able afford these. But thanks. I did not even know they exist.

@Staalesen Then I can show a couple of videos and photos too! That’s great. Yes, I would buy the keynote.

I am thinking of buying iPod touch 4 and reselling my iPod 3gs. That way I will spend less and get VGA connectivity in iPod 4 too, and I will be able to carry it in my pocket. Will inform when I do so. Thank you.

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