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What can I do for a two minute talent show?

Asked by dazedandconfused (545points) January 10th, 2010

For my theatre class (college) I have to have a two minute talent to present to the class. I’m not theatrical at all and need to have this idea by tomorrow… It needs to be “interactive” and engage the audience, but I don’t sing, play an instrument or dance and am not sure what else there is to do. Ideas ASAP would be greatly appreciated.

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need to have this idea by tomorrow

Given a few days’ notice, I could have given you an awesome idea.

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Juggle (socks and not chain saws), mime, recite a short Shakespearean monologue, tell bad jokes, tie balloons, do card tricks, three-card Monte, etc.

(Why are you taking a theatre class if you are “not theatrical at all?”)

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@jaytkay I just need a vague idea by tomorrow. I have until next week to perform it.

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@gailcalled This awful thing called Gen. Eds… I’m a pharmacy major, and they make me take this stuff for some reason. Probably just cause they want my money. Not sure if people care whether their pharmacists can perform a talent other than their job.

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Play the spoons. seriously, if can you can keep a beat, find a song that you like and grab two spoons. place your right trigger finger between the two spoons and slap them on your right knee to the beat of the music. the crowd will not believe their eyes and it has a dramatic effect on the audience as a whole. i know what you are thinking…........another hick idea from that guy in Tennessee. right? don’t knock it…..some country music artists started out this way and made a fortune.

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Or do “The Elements Song” by Tom Lehrer. The tune is stolen from * “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General.” Lehrer does it in 1 minute and 24 seconds, but he had phenomenal breath control.

*PIrates of Penzance, by Gilbert and Sullivan.

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Grab a hat and put on a 2 min play about a fighting couple. When you have the hat on you’re the other person.

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Tell your own version of the joke – “The Aristocrats”

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@gailcalled, too funny. I was just going to suggest Tom Lehrer.

you could also do 2 minutes of Mod Wolves or Eddie Izzard’s Do You Have a Flag

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Eat some Cabbage,radishes and Taco Bell then you can fart the Star Spangle Banner !!

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@gailcalled Or do “The Elements Song” by Tom Lehrer. The tune is stolen from * “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General.”

That reminds, Al Franken can draw the 50 states in 1 minute. LOL

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I randomly got a picture of Miss Congeniality playing glasses
I think you should come up with an abstract dance.

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Tell the class you can make them say a certain color, that you have powers beyond human compare and this is merely a demonstration. For two minutes straight ask them questions of what color something is. The sky? grass? Do this for approximately a minute and 50 seconds. By this time they are getting bored and giving the colors without thought. the last question? something that is your color.

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@jaytkay: Not bad. Apparently he was fielding questions in between time zones. And that reminded me of Garrison Keillor reciting the 87 counties in Minnesota.

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@Ansible1 I don’t think anyone here knows what you’re talking about, but I do. That is awful, awful advice. I love it.

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@gggritso: I bet that 50% of us know about the joke.

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@gailcalled learning was a life-changing event for most ;)

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@gailcalled I don’t believe 50% is accurate, while I know many jellies have a dirty mind, I’m not sure this particular joke has such a widespread reception.

@gggritso =)

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@ansible1 I bet the documentary opened it up to a lot of people.

Don’t think you could give a truly worthy aristocrats in two minutes. ;-)

if it has to be interactive why not play a game with them?

You could play stuck in the mud and be ‘it’ your talent would be how good you were at catching people.

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@gggritso @gailcalled and @Ansible1 Actually, a good reason for flutherites to know that joke would be that it has been asked about in a question before.

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