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Does anyone know a really good musical?

Asked by awacting (798points) February 3rd, 2011

I am really into musical theater and acting, singing, etc. But all of the musical soundtracks that I have are getting old. Any suggestions for a musical that you love?

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Rocky Horror Picture Show. I love it! :¬)

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My wife says to go back to the classics of Cole Porter like, Anything Goes. By the way, her credentials, she teaches musical theater.

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Spring Awakening? Rent? On The Town? Guys and Dolls?

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Rent, Wicked – seen and enjoyed both (LOVED the music in Rent in particular)... Blood Brothers (I don’t know this one, but it’s relatively new)...

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Rock of Ages was good, it uses a bunch of 80’s rock songs. I also recommend Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, the movie musical was fantastic.

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@Joker94 Ooh, good call on Sweeney Todd!

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Wife here and a musicals freak, If I had an idea of you age I could suggest some that are before your time. Try looking into collections,like Barbara Cook. She sings music from Rogers and Hamm and Porter and others that are out of the norm and then go find the entire musical. Andrea McCardle has done the same thing and covers everything from Cole Porter to Sondheim. The 50’s were a great time for musicals and lots of people have forgetten about The Pajama Game and How to Succed in Business Without Even Trying. Snoopy is fun with great audition materials.

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American Idiot was great. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. and Les Miserables.

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South Pacific (a little dated storyline, but wonderful songs)
The Music Man
My Fair Lady
The King and I

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“In the Heights” is amazing – it’s everything a modern musical should be.

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Well, what sort of musicals do you like in general? Do you want to expand your tastes or find more good stuff like what you already listen to? I’m just going to go through everything now :) Psst, ‘cast recording’ is the preferred term; ‘soundtrack’ refers to movies and TV shows.

There have been many musicals produced over The Last Five Years (hahaha) or so that step away from the traditional Broadway sound. The main two that come to mind are In The Heights and Spring Awakening, plus a host of jukebox musicals. There’s nothing wrong with liking Jersey Boys (The Four Seasons), Rock of Ages (classic rock), The Marvellous Wonderettes (50s and 60s classics) or Priscilla Queen of the Desert (pop songs) if all you’re after is good music.

Other recent successful musicals are [title of show] (seriously, if you don’t know about this one and you’re really into MT, get into it already!), Next to Normal (deals with dysfunctional families and mental illness, I didn’t like this one personally), The Light in the Piazza (score by Adam Guettel, grandson of Richard Rodgers, talent runs in the family), 13 the Musical (I usually hate shows about kids, but this is awesome) oh, and Legally Blonde and Shrek the Musical (I don’t care what everybody else says, they are both so much fun!)

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could have a look into foreign musicals. The ones by Kunze & Levay would be a good place to start. An English translation of their Rebecca (based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier) should be opening either on Broadway or the West End in the next couple of years, and also check out Elisabeth, which will probably follow if Rebecca is a success. La Révolution Française was the first musical written by Boublil and Schönberg, at least listen to ‘Au Petit Matin’. Another French success, Mozart l’Opéra Rock, is extremely popular with the young people and I believe it will soon be crossing to America.

Okay, other musicals that may have passed you by: Victor/Victoria (the last musical Julie Andrews did before her operation, make sure you listen to the Broadway production, not the movie), She Loves Me (the 1994 London revival did fantastically at the Oliviers), Repo! The Genetic Opera (it’s just a movie, and it was directed by the guys who did Saw, but just look it up, okay?), Passion (plus anything else by Sondheim that you may be unfamiliar with), 110 in the Shade (by the same guys who wrote The Fantasticks, Audra McDonald sounds brilliant in the revival cast album), Jekyll & Hyde (please get the Complete Work with Anthony Warlow), A Very Merry Children’s Scientology Pageant (no, really!).

I could suggest more if you let us know what you like!

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South Park: The Movie

the song blame canada was nominated for an oscar after all

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@iphigeneia , I had never thought of looking into Foreign Musicals…I will look up the ones you suggested. I have a dear friend who had foreign cast recordings of “The Secret Garden” in 5 languages but I never really thought of anything that didn’t come from either B’way or the West End. I do know that a beautiful song called, “Blueberry Eyes” is from an Asian production of a 6 hour musical of “Gone With the Wind”. I admit, I still love the big belty B’way style so I don’t always appriciate the ‘Juke Box’ musicals but hear them on XM every once in a while. I would rather hear Frank in his own voice. I plan to have some new music in my near future. The Wife

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Jaques Brel is Alive and Living In Paris
Funny Girl
Porgy and Bess

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Avenue Q. Everything else I was going to suggest has already been mentioned. ♥

Also, you might want to check out Forbidden Broadway if you aren’t already familiar with it. Cracks me up every time.

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Guys and Dolls—swing music, a few good melodies, cute Damon Runyan dialogue & characters.

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My favourite musicals, in no particular order:

Man of La Mancha
This Is Spinal Tap
Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog
Bugsy Malone
Flash Gordon (I don’t know if this qualifies as a musical, but the soundtrack has always been one of my favourites)

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Jesus Christ Super Star
South Pacific

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My favourite musical is Les Miserables but I have recently seen Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Sister Act and loved both. I could also recommend Billy Elliott, Blood Brothers, Notre Dame de Paris (in French or English) and Miss Saigon for great music.

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Oh, GA for Notre Dame de Paris. I even have that one on my mp3 player and somehow forgot to mention it. Fail, Bean!

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Oh my gosh! Thank you! Just in case anyone has any other musicals to suggest I am 13 and if anyone has seen next to normal, I really like that one and especially singing natalie’s part. Just in cases that narrows things down for everyone. I also especially liked in the heights. I saw both.

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Given that information, my wife says to check out Children’s Letters to God, their is a great song in it called, Six Hours As A Princess. She said to also check out a play called Thirteen that has great songs. She thinks this one was written by the same guys that wrote Next to Normal. Good luck

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@MacBean I think it’s an incredibly underrated musical and I’m actually glad to see someone else has heard of it. I thought I was the only one!!!

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I’ve always enjoyed the classic, Singin’ In the Rain.

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I’m only 17 but I found a love for musicals, I play in pit orchestras whenever I get an opportunity.

I found a great amount of respect for West Side Story and probably like it the most. (It happens to have really good music, but its really damn hard.)

I also love these, I only chose ones that have good music because it sounds like that’s what you’re interested in:
Spamalot (musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
The Music Man
Les Miserables
Joseph And the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
Jesus Christ Superstar (Definitely an acquired taste for this musical)

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@2CDenzy welcome to fluther! What instrument do you play? :-)

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@harple Thanks! And I play oh so much, my main instrument is the clarinet. I also play a little trumpet, tenor and alto saxophone, soprano and sopranino recorder (the latter is even smaller tinnier than the other), oboe, and some piano when I feel like getting my hands dirty. Are you a music lover?

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@2CDenzy Very good! I’m a music teacher :-) Though I specialise in strings rather than woodwind and brass…

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@2CDenzy I also play the calrinet and I used to play the piano but i think i’m going to start again. :)

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@harple I want to get into strings because I think their sound amazing. It sounds tricky though!

@awacting Nice! I think you should try some piano again, I also took a break for awhile but now I love experimenting with all the chords and scales, sort of like pulling an August Rush.

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I think the more important question is does such thing as a ‘really good musical’ actually exist?

I’m a HUGE sucker for My Fair Lady (don’t judge) but, in reality, isn’t it all just a big load cheesy lyrics and horrible acting? Let’s face it, Henry Higgins himself would have hated musicals and probably wagered that he could turn some musical loving gutter snipe into a high brow, stage production without the songs, socialite.

seriously, i love dick van dyke and the gang, but, i feel more than kinda gay when i start humming along to mr. and mrs. macAfee belting out, kids

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Preferably the original British version.

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I’ve watched so many, trust me and Notre Dame De Paris wins! Its just amazing. amazing. You will love it.

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