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Anyone want to comment on Sarah Palin going to Fox News?

Asked by Austinlad (16313points) January 11th, 2010

Looks like we’re going to be seeing more and more of her now that’s going to be a “guest commentator” on Fox News. What do you think about this?

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I think it’s hysterical. She and Fox News deserve each other.

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She wasn’t already working for them?

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ROFL…pay’s better than Governor of Alaska.

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Hopefully this means she has seen the futility of a further political career

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I fear, MagsRags, that she’s being primed to run again, though in my opinion, she will never be ready for prime time.

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I LOVE all these answers !!! Thanks.

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i cant think of anything sarcastic enough that would do justice to this piece of news.

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I usually choose to be very cautious about expressing my political views, but I just have to say… heaven help us every time somebody both inept and filled with political ideas from another planet gets this kind of bully-pulpit.

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I think Sarah Palin is hot!

My type of woman. :-)

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Fox and Palin,
Fox and Palin,
go together like a horse and wagon…..

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Well she fits right into this club of morally corrupt demagogues, propagandists and liars.

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I would love to just laugh this off with a sarcastic aside, but I know far too many people who think she’s the best thing since sliced bread – and that scares the hell out of me.

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So she can spread her propaganda directly with people who worship the ground she walks on… Didn’t think about it, but it fits perfectly.

@janbb Isn’t it an “ass” instead of a horse?

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I must agree with @Dr_Dredd , they deserve each other.

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That I have to see. har d har har

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I won the bet.

The search here is crap and I can’t find it. 20 bucks to Doctors without borders. Pay up dude that I can’t remember your name.

The bet was that she would work for Fox before July 4, 2010. I won.

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Even my cat saw that one coming.

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TV broadcasting was always her first love. No surprise that FOX wants another idiot on their staff.

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I think her first love is money, like the rest of her party.

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No comment.

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Another face in a push-up bra, she has a future with fox news

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I think “Good for her”. For everyone has a choosing as to what they want to represent and Fox News is where Sarah Palin “fits-in”. It would be hilarious if Sarah Palin would be on CNN!!- (“oh, No”!)

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<gagging noises>

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I don’t watch those cable news stations, except for election returns, than I will flip from one to another to get a full mix from both sides, though most lean towards the Democrat Party. Political commentary never was my thing. Always liked to form my own opinions, not wait for someone to tell me what to think about an issue. That being said, I wish her all the best. No reason not to.

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Hopefully I will now see less of her, or none of her at all since I’ll tune into Fox News, um….NEVER.

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A marriage made in heaven.

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She certainly chose a news agency that is the bastion of integrity when it comes to fair and balanced news reporting.~

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I’m not the least bit surprised. And since she has no natural charisma or natural extemporaneous public speaking ability, Roger Ailes has found his perfect mannequin at last.

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With @ChazMaz on this. Both physically, intellectually and spiritually.

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I don’t watch Fox News. I won’t be seeing her anymore than I am now, thankfully.

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Keith Olbermann of MSNBC must have been granted a special wish! What a hoot!

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I can’t imagine a better place for Failin’ Palin than Faux News. They’re both very adept at manufacturing their own versions of the truth… and both are damaged goods.

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I find her to be one big SNL skit! Pun intended. The impression I get from the way she presents herself is that she has to have many people telling her what to say and what to do every second of her day or else is she is completly brain dead! My cousin read a few chapters of her book and she told me it read like a teenage romance novel! I was under the impression that it was meant to be searous?

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They will have to prepare scripts for her written phonetically. She will implode if she is every part of a panel where she has to answer a question for which she has not prepared an answer.

She didn’t know North and South Korea were different countries!
She could even a name a newspaper (even one she doesn’t read).
She talks about nucular energy rather than nuclear energy.

I sure she can see Tehran from Wasilla too!

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