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Something wrong with my Quicktime Player or is it my videos?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) January 11th, 2010

Last month I’ve been to a video workshop and I have made a few videos. Now these videos that I made I received them back on a disk, now that I try to play it on my laptop it’s not going. Quicktime player opens but I only see a blank/black screen but I do hear the sound. What’s wrong? It is the Quicktime or is it my video?

Oh yea, when I tried to play the video the first time it said something about Quicktime needs something of playback something like that I can’t really remember what.

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It sounds like a video codec. If it comes up with an error, it usually says the codec you need right there.

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@RocketSquid oh crap well I don’t remember what the error thing said it just said something about playback and that i need to connect to the internet to download something, i was in a hurry so i skipped through the error message thing :/

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To add to that, the video encoded may be too high a bit rate for the decoder in QuickTime to decode especially off of the disc. You could try copying the files on to your hard drive then play them from the hard drive to rule out the bottleneck being the disc rotation speed (or buffer errors from the DVD drive). Also if you have QuickTime Pro you could convert the video to a more efficient codec, like some version of H.264

Also the audio may be uncompressed (AIFF or WAV) which can also cause the bottleneck. Encoding H.264 with audio as .AAC should be more efficient.

If the files are .AVI or DivX then you can download the components from Apple’s QuickTime page.

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I think everyone else pretty much answered your question regarding Quicktime, but if you’re looking for an easier program to open pretty much any video file without having to worry about codecs, I’d recommend VLC

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VLC plays anything just install this
found here:

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Defiantly agree with rocketsquid. Codac issues.

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