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Can I save youtube movies on my machine?

Asked by Ellen (8points) January 12th, 2010

I discovered some nice movies on and I’d like to download them. Is there any possibility for that?

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Yup. If you use Firefox as your browser and the greasemonkey extension you can add this script.

It looks like this

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And there are Web-based options as well. Zamzar will download videos and audio, but it’s only free for files 100mb and under.
Of course, downloading YouTube videos isn’t exactly legal.

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Yes definitely
If you are watching youtube on IE then it gets downloaded automatically.Once your video is complete then Go to:

“C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Local Settings\temporary internet files”
No need of any downloader.
Otherwise , Download realplayer.From that you can download any type of videos,other than youtube too..

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You can try:

I use it for regular videos so not sure if it’ll work for the movies section. There’s other sites like it if you google it though. If you get “internal server error” then just try refreshing a few times.

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Type in “Youtube downloader”, there’s an application that lets you download youtube movies into mp4s, and from there you can use other software to convert the mp4 into something like….an mp3?

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First, I’m not really into Firefox extensions as I don’t use it very often, but IE and I found my videos into temporary files but still there was a problem, couldn’t watch them. So, I need to get another software for converting the videos to avi or other format. Also, can you recommend a good software which can also convert youtube videos to 3gp?

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@Ellen :Download Total Video converter.

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Try youtube downloader.

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