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What is the best site for legal movie downloads?

Asked by born4thesurf (6points) February 19th, 2008

I want to download movies safely and legally. I have used Vizumi movie downloads who are excellent but wondered if anyone has used anyone else?

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iTunes and netflix worked well for me.

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xbox live has an excellent movie rental service, i believe you’re able to keep them for a week and choose between high definition and standard definition, obviously there would be no late fees as well. though ofcourse, you need an xbox 360 to use this service.

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I second the iTunes idea though their movie quality wasn’t that good. I would also recommend Amazon Unbox which costs the same as iTunes but i found the video quality to be a lot better than iTunes

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I like iTunes here.

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Here is a blog that catalogs, well, the Best Free Documentaries. I adore it.

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iTunes. They recently improved the video quality (HD is now available) and they have online rentals as well. The AppleTV even allows you to rent/ view them on your TV from the couch.

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Has many out-of-copyright films.

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limewire has good resolution

just type it in the search box and its all free.

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I’ve rented 4 movies from iTunes since the service started last month and I’m very impressed so far. I dislike the 24 hour limit after hitting the play button (I think they should give you at least 48 hours) but other than that the video quality is great in my opinion.

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