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Why the main link at the main page of Fluther has a folder named "AskVille"?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) January 13th, 2010

“AskVille” is Q&A web site. At the first time I saw it I thought the sites are related some how.

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No it doesn’t, what are you on about? I don’t understand your question, could you edit it?

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Look at the link you get at browser when you enter homepage:

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There was a migration a bit ago. It had some stuff to help new people.

edit :: and the two are not connected. It is just Google pulling up the old page.

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I guess it’s case sensitive, because it failed when I tried AskVille. Anyway, how the hell did you find that link?

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I found it while searching for a question on Google.

drClaw's avatar probably checks to see if you have an AskVille cookie upon loading the homepage. Those who do are redirected to a page specifically suited to their habits as assumed AskVille users.

This explains why some see it and others do not.

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