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Has anyone ever sneezed with their eyes open?

Asked by bigboss (990points) January 12th, 2010

I heard that this was impossible. I never really tried it becuase everytime I get the urge to sneeze I forget about this.

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If my memory serves me correctly, I did once. Air came out my eyes. My nose was messed up for awhile. It’s really not a fun experience.

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Science says you cannot -all the facial muscles get involved and eyes closing is one of them

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and then again, maybe my memory fails…interesting…

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Your eyes would pop out probably.

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Yes. It is possible watch Mythbusters. Although he had to force his eyes open. They caught it on a high speed camera.

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@faye Science does not.

@pjanaway That is quite improbable. There is a film over your eyes which is quite well-tethered. Not to mention, the optic nerve isn’t that long.

Mythbusters did it. @Zone36 Indeedly.

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I didn’t think it was possible!

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i didnt think it was possible either.

@ zone…those guys beards in mythbusters bother me. just shave please!

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It’s simply impossible.

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Well, driving and sneezing can be a challenge. We need to reopen our eyes fast.

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mythbusters already covered this one. your eyes do not pop out. i personally cant recall ever doing it though.

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I once did it with ONE eye open, and NOT using my fingers to hold it open.

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MY GOD! He held his eyes open with his fingers!!!! This does not count at all, anyone could do that!!

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@faye They mentioned in the episode, people can train themselves to do it. It just takes a while.

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@daemonelson i dont see the need to train oneself for this. seems a pretty useless talent unless your going for the world record of longest time spent without blinking and a sneeze comes on.

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@bigboss I’m quite good at licking my nose and chin, as well as wiggling my eyebrows independently of each other. Also, I can go cross-eyed in a number of different ways. I find facial muscles to be most useful.

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