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Do you ever lie about yourself to other people?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25305points) January 13th, 2010

Sometimes when talking to someone new who I am unlikely to meet again I will lie or elaborate in order to appear more interesting.
I know why I do this but I wondered if anyone else does it from time to time.

These are never serious lies just descriptions of a person that I want the world to see me as, it’s almost like a game for me. As far as close friends and family are concerned, I can’t do this because they already know me and so it would be easy for them to find out that I was lying.

I would like you all to be aware that I don’t do that here mainly because when asking or answering questions I like any response to my input to be relevant to my real life or feelings. Surprisingly this is one of the few places where changing who I am isn’t necessary for me.

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I think most everyone will do this from time to time. I am guilty as such, just “enhancing” myself in different situations, but never making up elaborate stories of “saving a baby from a burning building” or “being a jet pilot” ;)

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@ElleBee That’s what I mean. I have never changed who I am or what I have done completely, just enhanced (good word by the way!) certain details to make it sound more appealing.

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The last few times I’ve gone to the hairdresser (which, come to think of it, is all of the times I’ve gone to the hairdresser). I’ve…exaggerated somewhat. Just to see what I can make people believe when told convincingly enough. Conversational Improvisation, I call it. I’ve been everything from a high-profile photographer to a novellist, to a professor with doctorates across many fields, and fluency in many languages.

Which is amusing when they believe me. I’m 17, I really don’t look old. I doubt anyone could guess me any older than 20. 25, if they were heavily drugged.

Also, I suppose I lie a fair bit. I’m trying not to of late.

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I agree with ellebee, everyone does this to some extent.
Sometimes it can even prevent mis-understanding.

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@Sandydog : thanks! ^.^

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@daemonelson “Conversational improvisation”. I like that!

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I do not, because if you just meet someone and you lie to them, then what happens if things start to get serious with that person?

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I always stick with the truth, no because I’m so moral – It just is so much easier to remember and reproduce when I am asked next time.

You see – Short Answer from me!

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On the internet? Well, I would call it having an “Internet Persona”.

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It depends on how the person rubs off on me . . . especially do if they’re blowing a lot of hot air and wanted to cool them down with more hot air stories.

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Sure. I have lied about being single when I was really in a mutually exclusive relationship- I did it to keep the thing under wraps from co workers. I also lie about my age in either direction to strangers depending on how I feel when they ask about it.

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Damn, there I go again!

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Not anymore, but as a teen I would, because I was ashamed of my background.

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yes, lol they aren’t too far out there so my friends believe them and i get in trouble a lot anyway so.

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I used to when i was younger becuase i cared what people thought of me. Now, since i dont give 3 craps, i just tell the truth. Im a dork, Im a nerd, im addicted to sex, if you dont like me…fuck off.

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I do to an extent to people at work. My husband doesn’t work and is a full time student. I’ve talked with a couple people about it and get the feeling they look down on him and think I’m supporting the family on my own from comments that were made. I figure its no ones business so if anyone asks what my husband does I tell them he works for the company my dad owns.

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No, because I have accomplished enough in life to be interesting without needing embellishments. I hope you will strive to reach that level of confidence as soon as you can.

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I have been interviewing for a new job so I am lying all of the time. Not outright falsifications but certainly embellishments of my accomplishments in business over the years. What else can you do when you are competing with many people for the same job?


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Meeing someone new is like going on a job interview, you want to sound impressive, you want them to like you therefore a few white lies slip out, or you over exaggerate something. I myself have been guilty of this and I’m sure nearly everyone on the planet is.

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I mime being mute so I don’t have to speak to strangers, because I learned as a child that doing so is very dangerous.

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The thing about lies is that you never know when or how they will return to bite you in the ass. And, you need to have a good memory to keep up with the lies you tell.

Way too much effort for something that serves no useful purpose.

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I think as I said in a previous post that alterating something slightly can actually be closer to the truth than telling “facts”.
I lived,years ago in a place in Scotland which has changed beyond recognition for the worse. So, if I say to someone Im from this area, they have no idea how it was when I was growing up there. Theres no sense in telling them that as it gives the wrong impression of my background.
Things are not always black & white.

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no. there’s nothing to lie about. i’m great.

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When I was in the 5th grade I had to do an art project. I did it and it was what you’d expect from an untalented 5th grader. My mommy, narcissist that she is, threw my drawing away and drew one for me. I turned it in and low and behold I won the contest. The prize was the opportunity to paint “my” picture on the cafeteria windows. Guess what? That’s right, I couldn’t paint what “I” had drawn. Lesson learned : Don’t puff yourself up because you might be asked to prove it. I am what I am and I’m 100% fine with that. In fact I’m fairly proud I don’t feel the need to exaggerate myself.

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