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What is the 3G iPhone I keep hearing about?

Asked by youknowconnor (256points) February 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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a much faster type of Internet vs the current edge network it uses. Google would be your best bet for super info on that topic

smbunny's avatar lists all thier products in a user friendly format, as well as free downloads for the products you have purchased from them, i would start there.

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just AT&T high speed data package… Just like verizon and sprint claim to have… One thing is 3G is not available in all area’s yet. Plus from what I hear it is really draining on battery life. Lots of phone makers are scrabbling to update their battery life technology

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3G is “third generation” wireless data service. There is no 3G iPhone, because 3G wireless data is not broadly available and is a significant drain on the battery life of the phone. Pundits predicted that the iPhone would be a flop without 3G data service; then they predicted that the iPhone would slow in adoption without 3G; now they’re predicting that there will be a 3G iPhone any day now.

Steve Jobs, who is in a position to know, has said that 3G will not be in the iPhone until it stops causing problems for battery life.

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They say that 3G is much better than EDGE but don’t expect it to have the speed of WiFi. From what I hear.

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3G is a fast wireless band and is available on many networks (in Australia) it offers faster speeds and better connectivity.

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Yea 3G is faster than the current EDGE network and this would come in handy from time to time. Won’t be as fast as WiFi, so this ALONE wouldn’t be a feature worth upgrading to in my opinion. Throw in GPS and 32gb and we might have a deal. (3rd party software this week baby!!)

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Lots of countries in Europe runs 3G already and does not have EDGE at all. Therefore the iPhone is kinda useless in Europe still. The newer 3G version of iPhone will be the breakthrough for Europeans.

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