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Does this constitute animal cruelty?

Asked by spiritual (1271points) January 14th, 2010

My two friends and I went for a midnight walk, to a beautiful observatory by the sea in Southampton (UK). To our surprise, we discovered across the road, in front of a high rise estate, there was through thick fog, six glorious horses chained up on a thin, frozen patch of grass. They only had one bucket of hay between them. It is minus three degrees outside.
Is this cruelty to animals?

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I’m from Southampton :D lol

And answer to your question, I think any animal that is chained up is a cruel thing to do, especially if its minus weather.

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Contact your local ASPCA or animal control and have them check the conditions. There are minimum shelter requirements, but it will be up to the local authorities to decide whether to intervene.

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Yes it very much is.

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Without question it was animal cruelty.

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I can’t imagine the scene you’re describing being fit enough for six horses.

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@syz- I don’t think @spiritual is going to find any local ASPCA. Perhaps the RSPCA might help though..

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OMG that is terrible!

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Yes, it is. Call the RSPCA.

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it is animal cruelty and no animal should ever be chained or tied up

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