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Can you help me find this song?

Asked by smack (1217points) January 14th, 2010

I need to know the title of this song that I heard on the radio. It had wicked cool percussion and I wrote down one of the lyrics as “May I have this dance?” I’ve tried Googling it multiple times, but nothing relevant comes up. (It’s not Copeland or the Temptations or anything.) Anyone ever heard of it?

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Need more details- how old was the song? Was it sung by a man? What was the genre? Was it fast or slow?

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Willing to help. need more info.

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There was a guy singing it. It was on what I believed to be considered a generally “rock” station. It was kind of fast. I’m not sure how old it was.

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Is it this song by any chance: ?
This one: ?
This one: ?
Perhaps this one: ?
This duo?

I am just throwing songs in find online with “may i have this dance” in their lyrics…do you have any more info to help?

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just download mp3 rocket online for free and it will help you find any song in the world

even if you just put one word in for the description of the song

i have used it forever almost and it is great and free!

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