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I applied for a job online about a month and a half ago and received no response. The company is still posting job ads, should I apply again?

Asked by bittercritter (28points) January 15th, 2010

I assume they didn’t respond because they didn’t think I was a good fit for the position. Could I just apply for it again? Or do I send them an email telling them that I noticed that the position might not have been filled yet, and reiterate how qualified I feel I am?

Or do I do nothing. What is the professional thing to do here?

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If it’s under 90 days, then move on.

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Odds are they probably passed you up. But I would still contact them to make sure they received all of your previous info. Many people will advise against this, but in the past after I had sent in my resume, I actually called the company and asked for an interview, and in the end I got the job. I wouldn’t give up just yet.

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I’ve applied online for jobs, and so much time went by, I had forgotten about it. Then two companies called me months later, asking me for an interview. By then of course, I had found a job. Who knows they may eventually call you, as for re-applying again, I wouldn’t.

How about sending a follow up letter, inquiring about the job, and letting them know you have already sent in your resume, and that you were still interested in the job. I’ve don’t that before also, and have scored.

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Some online job adds will say something along the lines of “previous applicants need not re-apply.” If the ad doesn’t say that, then you could do what jeffgoldblum suggested and contact the company. The worst they can say is no.

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Smashbox is absolutely right. Do a follow-up. You have nothing to lose, and it will demonstrate that you are proactive, a quality employers like. While getting a job is number one on your priority list, it probably isn’t on anyone else’s at the company, especially since in this down economy, everyone is busier because staffs are smaller. Just keep pushing, and good luck.

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I wouldn’t move on if you notice they’ve since reposted ads. If the ad is still up, move on. Instead, forward your resume again with a cover letter that mentions you had applied before but understand that they probably received a lot of replies. Use the rest of the cover letter to explain why you believe you’re a good fit to the job. It’s tempting to call, do NOT call. Do NOT stop by. Email or send through standard mail only.

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Try to contact them again and inquire if they have received your previous submission. If they say no, then re-send your application. If they say yes, ask them what the prospects are? No harm in doing so….

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There’s ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with re-applying. I didn’t get this job, but there was a job where I was the #2 choice recently, I saw it posted in early November and I wrote a cover letter and sent my resume. I heard nothing, even though the job seemed absolutely perfect for me. So, I saw it reposted in December, and even though I knew I had applied for it, I just re-applied. My thinking was this….if they don’t want to hire me, who cares if they’ve seen my resume before….if they’re not going to hire me, they’re not going to hire me, whether I send 1 resume or 20. There might be a danger in pissing off someone you were going to work for, but what’s the worst that can happen, even if they saw your first resume, spit on it and laughed about it for ½ an hour, they’ll just do the same thing a second time. But as I said, I re-applied for this job in December, and I got a call a couple days later. They did a phone screen and narrowed it down to a few people, and called me in for an interview. When I was talking to the hiring manager, she said that they’d originally posted the job in November and did interviews and just didn’t like any of their candidates so they reposted it. They had, for whatever reason, not seen my first application, even though my second one was enough to get me a call. Only thing you have to lose is the time it takes you to apply. You can call and inquire if they got your original app, that’s fine, but you can also just re-apply like I did.

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Depends on how much you want this job. If you really want it, I would say re apply. They probably get a lot of e mails and may have accidentally missed yours. I would say try again

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Normally I would say “don’t waste your time or risk alienating someone”, but…

If you’ve been looking for a job for more than a month, then obviously you’ve got the time, and “waste of time” doesn’t apply. And like @dalepetrie said, if they weren’t going to hire you before, it’s not like they’re going to hunt you down and kill you for applying again.

Go for it. And good luck.

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Nowadays there is so much competition for jobs. After applying for jobs online, I’ve never gotten a call back without following up first. Applying for jobs online is just the first step, and most of the other applicants probably won’t go any further. At my last job, the manager said during my interview that there were 90 other applicants for the position. This wasn’t even that great of a job, just waiting tables at a family restaurant. Send them an e-mail saying that you’d like to follow up on your application because you are very interested in the job. Use this letter to state your reasons for being interested and your qualifications, and send them another copy of your resume.

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Did you call to follow up after your interview? You could call them just to follow up on the interview, and mention that you see they’re taking applications again. Someone may tell you straight out that you should apply again, or whatever. I say, at this point, it won’t hurt to call or re-apply. What are they going to do, not hire you? They’re already doing that!

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It depends on how much you want it? If it were me, they would be getting an E-mail from me twice a week.

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Yes, apply it again. And, mention you applied before, and give references.

You may call them up and get to know what happened.

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I wouldn’t re apply because they may think you put out so many applications that you forgot you applied with them already. You can however send a brief note stating that you noticed the position hasn’t been filled and how much you would appreciate it if they would consider your application because you really look forward to working with their company. You can also put your contact numbers and let them know if they had any questions that you would be happy to talk to them about it at their convience.
Also look over your resume. At my last job, my boss had me go over resumes people left and you’ll be surprised how many forgot the cover letter and contact numbers. You should make sure your name and contact number is on each page. After so many resumes they sometimes get mixed up and if a resume didn’t seem complete it just got trashed.

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You could ask them what job they believe you are an ideal fit for. That way, if they eventually have a vacancy in that area, then you could get hired possibly and have your foot in the door. I´m not talking about getting a job you don´t like; I´m talking about possibly being enlightened and discovering a job that you have skills for and that you would like but hadn´t considered before.

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