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Would a solid rug work better with furniture with a floral pattern?

Asked by metadog (378points) January 16th, 2010

Hi! We just got a chair and ottoman reupholstered with a floral pattern:

Paltrow Sapphire

When the pieces were placed back in our living room, they seem to look odd with the rug we have in place. Here is the rug:

Brandie Area Rug

Are we wrong? We are thinking we need a new solid blue rug. What do you think?

Here is a picture of the pieces all together:

This might be a better view:

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solid blue rug with a yellowish/goldish (matching that second color in the flowers, whatever that’s called) inner border (blue, border color, main blue rug) might be better. the rug is to “busy” for the new ottoman IMO and that would help tone it down while still accenting your pieces and keeping a little interest in the rug.

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It does seem like there is a little to much going on. The new rug would not necessarily have to be solid, but it shouldn’t be an opposing floral like the rug seems to be now. If you are replacing the rug, I might go for something in the green of the leaves on you chairs or the gold. Either make it solid or geometric, but stay away from any more floral. Those chairs are now the focal point of your room. Everything else you do should be to compliment them.
Do you have a fabric swatch of the chairs? What I like to do when I go shopping is to take the fabric swatch and set it on all kinds of different rugs in the store. The I pick the rug that makes me happiest when I see them together.

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a nice oriental rug. doesn’t sound like it would look good but it will

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@trailsillustrated ; Oriental rugs are always classy :-)

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Your new rug needn’t be solid, but I’d avoid a definite “pattern”, too. You could do something like this, or for a more modern feel a shaggy rug with a mix of your colors.

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I think part of the problem is the big expanse of beige on the couch. There’s no blue to balance what’s on the floor. The couch is extremely large, and extremely neutral. Before you replace the rug, try some solid blue throw pillows in the couch, maybe one or two in a sage to pick up on the leaf in the floral to tie the chair and the couch together.

You have all the weight of the color on the floor and the one accent wall I see peeking out of the left side.

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In addition to @PandoraBoxx‘s suggestion, you might add a blue and/or green throw blanket draped over the couch.

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I agree with @PandoraBoxx. Is there any way you could reupholster the beige couch and make it blue? Maybe a lighter blue than the rug, the medium blue from the print. Or is there any way you can get a throw for the couch that’s the same print as the rug?

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I think the patterns clash. A rug with yellows might go nice with the furniture but I don’t think it works with the wall color. Shades of pinks with blues and greens might be nice…. as is @augustlan‘s suggestion. Agree w/ @PandoraBoxx‘s suggestion and throw blanket. I think reupholstering the couch will be way more pricey than a new rug. Wouldn’t do it unless it was necessary.

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In design it’s usually taught to pick three colors for a harmonious yet interesting look. I’ve counted seven colors in your current palette. I would use your new furniture as your color guide, since you obviously fell in love with it.

Take the wall color and change it to the background color of the hydrangea pattern. Take the green from that pattern and find two slipcovers that match and cover the two sofas.

Now, the rug. The issue is that, in my opinion, you have two competing patterns that aren’t exactly harmonious. The hydrangea pattern features fat volumous leaves and watercolor brushstrokes. The rug pattern features long swirly stalks with tiny pointed leaves in a country style. This sounds like it would balance out, but the opposite is proving true.

What I would do is find another rug, within your new color palette, that has the same style of pattern in it. Perhaps a rug with a pattern only in a center medallion or on the border only. I would choose a rug with neutral and soothing color tones, such as is in the background of the hydrangea pattern. Shades of beige will look nice and keep the room from being too bland.

Another option to keep your room from appearing dull is to look at texture. The texture of the rug (and slipcovers) can change the feel of a room from relaxed and casual all the way to formal and elegant.

You don’t want to compete with your lovely new furniture- just make it pop while fitting in with the general decor.

I like this one in cream:

This one in Harvest:

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Anything with a floral pattern does not work well unless it’s a pair of panties on my solid rug.

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I don’t mind a mixture of patterns and designs, I rather like it but the scale should be different. It seems to me that the scale of the pattern in the rug is the same as the scale of the pattern in the fabric. I would not use it myself. But if the scale of the design on the rug were smaller, I would say no problem.

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Here’s the thing, you’re matching floral pillows/chair & ottoman set with a solid wide covering seating area. Using such big furniture and carpeting to cover a small cozy little space with these colors may not be the right way to go. The color scale of the room is on the medium side, not too dark but not too light either. like @rooeytoo said, using a smaller rug and mixing and matching patterns is fine. If you’re going with this color scheme you may want to be careful about what you pick out. I think,personally, you should get a smaller rug for this living space. I think it looks funny because you’re taking floral lighter airy feeling seating which ties in the blue and color of the couch, and putting it directly with a big bolder carpet. Again, smaller carpet and lighter feel will make it look fine. Perhaps taking a neutral colored rug in the olive green color palette would look nice but nothing dark. :)

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