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What is a good site about venture capitalist?

Asked by allanbranch (6points) January 11th, 2007
I have a few start projects that need funding. Not alot of money <250k, where can I read up about venture capitalist and web 2.0?
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I work with a few vc and invesment banking teams on the east coast... websites... maybe not but I can setup a few meetings.

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One things I’d recommend is that you bootstrap your idea/company as long as possible. When you talk to a VC, if you don’t have a product (rather you just have an idea or concept), there isn’t anything really tangible for the VC to consider. If you have taken your idea to the next step and actually started to buid a product/get users/gain some sort of traction, this will give the VC something to consider. Especially in this environment, it is very difficult for young companies to raise money. Some VCs that have traditionally invested in very early stage companies have moved to investing in slightly later stage companies, so then further you can take your idea on your own prior to talking to investors the better. VCs will also appreciate the fact that you have invested some of your own time/money to start building the product. If your concept is something related to consumer Internet/Web 2.0, it is much easier to get these types of companies up and running on a small budget (i.e. just a few thousand dollars). I’d say, take your own company as far as you can on your own prior to trying to raise money. This will give you more leverage with VCs. Remember, if you are actually able to raise venture financing, this isn’t the end of the road. You will then have investors to answer to, which can sometimes create more problems than the capital is worth. Identify areas where you need help (e.g. technical programming/design help), and try to get someone to help you. If you get 2–3 people with complimentary skills together, this can help you take your idea to the next level without the need for outside financing. Don’t let the inability to raise capital at this point stop you from continuing to make progress. Good luck!

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