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Whats the quickest, safest way to cleanse your body?

Asked by lizzyluckbox (250points) January 20th, 2010

And for how long? Any of you have experience doing so? Suggestions?

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I recommend a shower with good soap.

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Car wash.Just walk through;)

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It is an obnoxious fad with no health benefits. It has been exposed as a fraud, and a useless and perhaps even harmful practice over and over again, but that doesn’t stop unscrupulous people from advertising so called cleansing products, and selling them to credulous customers.

Your body regulates itself wonderfully, and there are no “toxins” that can be removed except in the usual way.

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lol…i mean that you would drink…or in water with lemon and chili for 4 days…or whatnot. :)

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Take a swim in the ocean.

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have you seen the ocean off the coast of california? no bueno.

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@lizzyluckbox It’s unhealthy to try, it’s unnecessary, just go enjoy your life and forget about cleansing.

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depends on what you mean by clean… mother natures miracle is a good colon cleanser.. but then again, so is late night taco bell. =\ Or perhaps you want a good soul cleaning..go to catholic mass and repent.

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The best way to maintain a healthy body is to eat healthy food, drink at least 6 – 8 glasses of water, get enough exercise and enough sleep. The myth that toxins build up and need to be cleansed is false. If you have a medical problem, see your doctor.

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use Dr. Bronners castille soap
the peppermint scent is my old stand-by in the summertime oh so refreshing…

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Yes I agree. The best thing you can do is drink LOTS of water.
And, I would add. Stay away from fast food.

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Yea, fast food isn’t great for you in the slightest but its so cheap and readily available. They are getting better then they used to be though. Now most of them offer an alternative menu that has stuff that is not as health destructive. I agree with drinking lots of water to flush your system out and keep your internals operating within normal parameters.

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Types of Body Cleanse
There are many ways to detoxify the body from the toxics present in the body.

Colon Cleanse
Master Cleanse
Ion Cleanse
Candida Albican Cleanse
Parasite cleansing
Liver gallbladder cleanses
Herbal cleanses and many more

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oops… I did not read this thread’s topics before responding!! sorry…

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@mcbealer…i’ve never done that! loll

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Cleanses are useless and potentially harmful. If you still feel the need to do one, trying drinking only water with lemon all day, and eat only vegetables and fruits that day. Throw in some whole grain, high fiber cereal if you want. (But read the label on the cereal! No HFCS, no hydrogenated oils, no sugar, no splenda, no aspartame, etc.) Your body will take care of the rest.

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Drinking too much water is bad for you, it dilutes your sodium and mineral levels which can be dangerous. Just don’t put so much shit in your body, junk food, cigarettes etc. and your body won’t need a “cleanse”.

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just eat healthy and balanced and drink water like they said but not too much water too quick.. juices are good too but try to stick with ones that are only 100% real juice and dont drink it all day long. 1 or 2 glasses aday. take multi vitamins but only after you had food or they will tear your stomach up. if your really concerned if youre healthy or not see and doctor and get blood work done. little things like do i eat a a piece of fruit or this egg and sausage muffin for breakfast really make a difference on your energy lvls.

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