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Do guys like slim girls or curvy girls?

Asked by bean (1327points) January 20th, 2010

do men prefer curvy, or slim ? What do you think is more attractive or appealing?

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Beauty comes is all shapes and sizes. For me.. It is all about geometry.

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@ChazMaz very nice answer :)

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Each man is different. Despite what the popular media say- all men do not think alike and don’t like the same things.

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I agree with @gemiwing. People are attracted to all different types of people.

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I think men prefer slim but curvy. You can still be slim and look like a woman. It’s when slim gets skinny, because that is just bones.

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Shape doesn’t matter what matters is the gray matter and they have to be funny!! Life is too short to not laugh all the way to the end!

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But not all men actually prefer slim either. There are men who only like round women. Men who only like blondes, men who only like short women etc. This could go on forevah. lol Men tend to like a lot.

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@Cruiser is right. It is about the gray matter. And, not just from an intellectual standpoint but from how they understand how to care for and love themselves.

I knew a girl and she was HOT! “Every mans” wet dream. But, she had a mouth full of rotten teeth and was as smart as a box of rocks.
Thank you, I pass.

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@gemiwing that’s sadly superficial D: for me… it’s the inside that’s way more important, but Iguess being attracted to some one is important to…

@ChazMaz so you trying to say she was HOT but stupid… was she nice at all? being an open and nice person is important other wise she got nothing i reckon

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@bean- The question was about looks only. Men look for much more than that.

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Men prefer breathing.

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@gemiwing hahaha! i know I wrote the question… I’m curious what people have to say… maybe i’ll write another about what guys desire in a woman?

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Men like all sorts of girls – truly.

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When I met my ex ex ex ex, I was a big girl, size 16 and I’m only 5“2. I worked so hard to lose weight and I did. I got to size 12 which was still big for my height, but he left me for a girl that was even bigger than I was to start with. I don’t think he liked the attention I was getting and knew that he went with someone bigger then the attention is all his. Luckily I am now a size 8 and reasonably comfortable, and I still have my breasts, so I’m still curvy.

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@bean- That sounds like a fine question indeed.

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The same question was a few pages back so I won’t type the same long answer. It depends on the guy, obviously. Did you expect all guys (and all people for that matter) to only like one type of woman? Don’t you see people of all types together when you go outside? They aren’t faking it to trick you lol. If you have seen a guy with a curvy woman, then your question is answered. I prefer plus size women.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I like your answer too!

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“so you trying to say she was HOT but stupid”

Yea, it came out that way. I did not mean to disrespect her. She was a nice person for the most part. She just did not “handle” herself well.

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for me, if they have a pulse…................................

But seriously – I like all shapes and sizes of girls. Sexy is sexy, doesnt matter the wrapper!

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@ChazMaz, @bean Nice is important, probably a deal breaker, but it isn’t everything. I might be friends with a girl who isn’t very bright, but I’m not going to have a serious relationship with her. There are lots of other traits that nice just isn’t enough to make up for too. But even if all those traits are right, she has to be nice too.

Did that make any sense at all?

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@ChazMaz If she was nice and kind then she was beautiful :)

@Snarp it’s true too… there has to be other things than just nice….

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I like girls. Period.

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Different strokes for different folks.

I usually go for girls way shorter then me, dont know why but im like 6’1–6’2 and find it odd being with a tall girl.

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Each to their own really. & it can even change over time. When I was in my teens I liked curvy with big boobs. Now I prefer slim & elegant.

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I tend to lean towards slim/athletic types (with some curve no doubt) but I’ve never let that restrict me. It’s all about self confidence, depth, and personality.

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There has been some good research on male and female body shape preferences and, more interestingly, what each gender thinks the other prefers.

The finding is that women (especially Caucasian women) are far more likely than males to consider themselves heavier than the ideal, and also consistently think that men prefer a thinner figure than the preference actually indicated by men.

Men, on the other hand, tend to be happy with their body shape and to think women prefer a bulkier form than women actually indicate as their preference.

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Curves. More to hold onto. My wife is skinny. Go figure.

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Does it matter?Work with what you’ve got;)

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@bean I don’t think that’s what ChazMaz was saying at all. I DO understand what he’s talking about the teeth thing. When I first meet someone, teeth are the first thing I notice. I guess it’s because I’ve had SO much dental work done. Bad teeth reflect your whole body’s health. How a person maintains themselves matters to me. It shows that they respect themselves. To me, a man with bad teeth would be a turn off, too. Heavy/skinny isn’t the issue. Caring for their body IS. (JMO)

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@jbfletcherfan eek… he meant that literally then?... boy do i feel silly… haha
but i understand what you mean

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@bean Oh…I THOUGHT so. Maybe it’s ME who’s screwed up.

@ChazMaz jump in here. Help us out…...

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How else could he have meant “mouthful of rotten teeth”? Is this a metaphor I’m unfamiliar with? ;-)

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I didn’t realize!!!!!! you picking on me!? what’s going on….
where am I? D:

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@bean Picking on you? Just a little. ;-)

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@Snarp I’m an intellegably intellegable person D: I don’t deserve this kind of treatment

hehe ;)

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You know what, I’ve just realised the first thing I’ll look for is size of chin… the distance between bottom lip & point of chin cant be too big or it’s an immediate deal-breaker!

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Obvious answer: Depends on the guy.

My answer: A pretty face is far more important than body shape to me. My preference is curvy. I am turned off by really skinny girls…if I can see ribs it makes me want to wretch.

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I’ve found that as I got older the range of what I found beautiful expanded greatly. I have no “type”. I find all sorts of women attractive, but I prefer them to be healthy for their body type, which may be slim or curvy.

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For me the attitude and confidence has much more to do with sexy than the body type.

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Definitely curvy, slim is unhealhy and unattractive.

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The brain has so much to do with it.

My guy likes petite, skinny girls with little boobs.
I’m 6 ft, kinda “thick” but not fat, and have bazoongas. He thinks I’m hot.

The point- The right guy won’t care if you’re his absolute ideal.

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@Likeradar…thanks for illustrating my point

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@Likeradar exactly – usually my husband’s preference is short, skinny, dark hair – and I’m not short or skinny and am blond – I often ask him why he can’t get his hands off me…he just doesn’t know…but he can’t.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir .... you must emit sexy….

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Curvy, I need some boobs, if they are a twig then what’s the point?

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@jbfletcherfan – You got it right. :-)

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@lucillelucillelucille has the perfect answer! IMO Lurve :)

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@sleepdoc well sexy is hard to define – I must emit sexy to him, yes
though I don’t think I am

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@sleepdoc she does (Simone). :)

Here’s a lady who’s attracted to women. I prefer it when they’re curvy/a little meat on their bones (nice hips). Very sexy.

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@jmah excuse me, somebody’s supposed to be a good girl

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It’s hard sometimes, @Simone_De_Beauvoir. So hard. ;-)

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@jmah something’s hard…I mean…um, what?

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@jmah you stop it. or I’m going to mod you…I mean we’ll get modded

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@Simone oh, so, you’re going to flog, I mean, flag me, huh?

Why don’t you come with me. ;-)

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@jmah you are seriously playing with fire

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I can handle. Trust me.

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@jmah well this is just terrible, :)

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How curvy is your “curvy”?? I like slender and toned but being a leg and arse man I like junk in the trunk like my fiancee.

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I have concluded from all the conversations I have about this topic, that the majority of guy’s don’t like chicks who have a body like a little boy. They like women more curvy, or thick.

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@Hypocrisy_Central lol this question wasn’t about me… it was just a curious thought i had, but I’m 164 ish or less cm’s in height and I weigh 54 ish kgs and i have quite curvy hips

I wrote this question just to see what people had to say haha

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@bean I never thought you were speaking of yourself but more to the fact that “curvy” is quite a nebulous generic term. What it means to Sam is not the same as it means to Linda, Jake and Harry. :-)

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@Hypocrisy_Central yeah, true haha….

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haha…. well, good thing is majority of men don’t seem so bad…

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I like both….depends on the personality

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