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If you had your choice of an engagement ring, what would you pick?

Asked by simplyasking (52points) January 20th, 2010

I’ve been looking around at engagement rings and it seems like most are either platinum, white gold, or yellow gold. Which of these would you say is the all around best choice for an engagement ring? Is one especially good for holding the diamond or in terms of day-to-day wear? If you had the choice, what would you pick?

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a diamond band with diamonds going all the way round!

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which can most def be worn every day as its simple!

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large solitaire in platinum setting

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If I had to pick my own engagement ring I would want a white gold ring with 3 diamonds, biggest in the middle and 1 smaller one on either side of the main one. and nothing HUGE I want to be able to never take it off and wear it everyday :D

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Platinum is the most expensive, and in America considered the creme de la creme. The most recent ring I bought to represent my marriage is yellow gold (18K) and I LOVE it. It has lots of little diamonds in a pattern. It doesn’t have one large diamond that is more likely to cacth and bump into things. When I bought it the manager at the store said, “I love that you were willing to buy yellow gold.” Which I thought was kind of odd for him to say out loud to me. The ring looks more Asian or European though. If you are going to get a classic solitare I would say don’t get yellow gold.

I get compliments constantly on this ring.

I think you should buy platinum or yellow gold (18K, not 14K) if you can afford it, whichever you are most likely to wear.

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As a man I should probably stay out of this, and I’m sure that many will not agree with me, but you can’t take the suffering out of the diamond trade. I say get a ring without diamonds. Too many people suffer brutal lives and deaths to put diamonds in our stores and on our fingers.

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I would pick a half carat princess cut solitare in white gold.

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well, im an idiot so probably wise to not pay much attention to me, but i would roll with a platinum ring with small diamonds going all the way round and a giant heart shaped diamond in the middle.

kind of a mix of these two:

(money being no object)

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you can get a perfect recycled diamond. the lives have already been shed before you were born.

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@simplyasking Are you a guy who is about to propose? I think it would be good to know what your future fiance would want.

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@trailsillustrated That’s reasonable.

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When we were looking at rings, I insisted that day-to-day wear and tear be a factor in what we got. I’m not easy on my jewelry and I didn’t want to break my ring. We ended up going with platinum because it’s pretty and hard. We didn’t go with diamonds, opting instead for beautiful engraving on the platinum and then a tsavorite for the solitaire. It’s beautiful and unique.

If you are considering proposing, you might want to do something similar to what my fiance did—he proposed with a stand in ring which allowed us to go ring shopping together after the fact.

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My husband proposed without a ring.

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@JLeslie So did I. We have family heirloom wedding rings and no engagement ring.

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oh man this question has me all depressed now :(

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Platinum ring with a simple design.

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My wife and I picked out the ring together. Well mostly her, I was mainly trying to make sure I fell backwards when I fainted rather than face planting into the case. She wanted to make sure she could wear it every day but wasn’t happy with the bezel settings we saw (apparently those are some of the most secure, I think a lot of class rings use them). In the end she went with the lowest prong setting the jeweler could make for with the stone and still keep about 40% contact (this is important, or so various sources told us, to ensuring you don’t lose the stone if the setting gets loose). It actually worked out really well as she’s banged it a couple times and so far there’s no observable looseness or damage to the setting. She picked a platinum band (titanium is stronger but couldn’t be made into the setting she wanted) with a cushion cut dark blue sapphire with a brilliant cut emerald on either side.

The settings and cuts look similar to this but the size and band are different.

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Some people love getting their birthstones as an engagement ring. Otherwise I suppose ladies love their diamonds. I plan on something more exotic, you know.. mix it up a bit.

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I never had an engagement ring and I just have a simple gold band for a wedding ring. Personally, I would put more consideration into the wedding band, but that’s just my opinion. If I did get an engagement ring, I’d prefer platinum. Just my opinion though. Every woman is different.

@Tenpinmaster I like the idea of birthstones. It makes it more personal. :)

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@jonsblond We’re planning the exact opposite—I’ll never have a wedding band, just my engagement ring.

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@EmpressPixie That’s why I said every woman is different. :)

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Here is the rest of the story. After he proposed and I said yes, we picked out a zirconia ring, because he really wanted me to have a ring, and I really did not want to spend a lot on a ring at that point, because we did not have much money. We did simple matching wedding bands. I now wear the diamond ring I spoke of above, we were married about 12 years when I saw it in a store and fell in love with it. He bought it for me on the spot.

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Hard to say what is the ‘best’. It’s all personal preference. I’d rather like white gold with onyx.

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A small gold band with the birthstone of my husband to be and mine as well. It has to be unique.

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Platinum with a diamond solitaire of any shape.

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We went with white gold (platinum just wasn’t in the budget, plus I wanted more bling and we put the money more towards that than the band itself)

I’ll tell you this..I never wear my engagement ring, but always wear my wedding band. My wedding band is simple, thin, and has diamonds going almost all the way around..just what I wanted. Everyone has different tastes.

But, lets say you might have children one day…if the setting is too high, you can scratch the child. I couldn’t wear my engagement ring because of that, plus after I had my son, my fingers seemed to lose more weight so I have a smaller ring size now. (didn’t think it was possible…I’m a 4.25 now! lol)

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I’ve never fully understood the tradition of spending thousands on a diamond ring, but just yesterday, I was stopped at a red light and looked in my rear-view mirror. A woman was driving the car directly behind me, and she had both hands on the wheel. What immediately caught my eye, from the distance between our cars, was her diamond ring sparkling in the sun. It was beautiful.

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Mine is filigree style, with yellow gold. The ring itself is an antique, and my partner set it with a new (“conflict-free”) diamond. It is perfect and I wouldn’t want anything else.

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I’d want it to be white gold with an man-made diamond in it..if i wanted a ring, not an engagement ring – I don’t need that

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I feel like I rarely see yellow gold wedding rings on newer couples anymore. It’s all white gold or another white metal. And, I almost want to say for that reason I like the yellow gold, especially if there are diamonds to contrast with the yellow. But, speaking of diamonds, I think I’d consider another stone, sapphire, most likely.

@poisonedantidote, heart-shaped engagement rings are a big turn-off for me… I can’t say why exactly.

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The only important thing about an engagement ring is that you must love it so much you never want to take it off, for the rest of your life. Only the person who will wear the ring can decide that. Here’s a picture of mine.

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oooooo haven’t thought of platinum… Thats a good idea! I would love to be engaged some point in the near future. You guys have a lot of good ideas for engagement rings and configurations :-) yay!

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Square solitaire diamond in a gold band, with I love you engraved inside.

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@aiwendil I think it is because heart shaped jewelry tends to be worn by 10 year olds. Although Jane Seymour seems to be trying to bring it back.

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@EmpressPixie She doesn’t go too easy on the jewelry I get her either, so platinum might not be a bad idea since it’s more durable like you say.

@wonderingwhy Thanks for the tip on the lowered prongs. I actually just read that titanium isn’t resizable, so platinum probably wasn’t a bad second choice. It sounds like it can take a beating and still hold onto that diamond alright anyways. :)

Thanks for all the suggestions so far. So a couple of you mentioned engraving…is one type of metal better suited for that than another? I think it’s kind of a cool idea.

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My choice would be a 2 carat , GH color or better, VVS 1, princess cut solitaire on an 18K yellow gold band. But I’d be thrilled with a 1.5 carat. haha.

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