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My wife spilt coffee with sugar on our laptop, what should I do?

Asked by bulbatron9 (3707points) February 29th, 2008 from iPhone

Yesterday morning, while I was at work she was sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, and probably on myspace. Then Lily, our kitten, jumped onto the keyboard, and you know what happens next. She shut it down, pulled the battery, and wiped it off. I turned it on a minute ago, and it seemed ok. However the keys are a bit sticky. What can I do without having to take it to someone who knows what they’re doing? Also, our other cat is named Bella he is an eight year old Persian; Lily is a Siamese.

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The keys will pop off if you use a small screw driver (test one that u don’t really use first) then with a cloth damp with rubbing alcohol go over the area a qtip will help get into cracks. Don’t use too much alcohol where its dripping. Clean rhe keys themselves too. Then use compresed air in a can to dry. Good as new!

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Depending on how savvy you are with your hands, I would google the model and “take apart”. Then try and air out the machine as best as possible.

Its impossible for me to tell you what to expect without seeing it’s current state, but it could be bad, even if it dries there could have been permanent damage that will take time to manifest.

Again, depending on what kind of computer it might not be economical to try and repair it if the machine isn’t worth much. Other than that, there’s pretty much nothing you can do at this point but sit and wait to see what happens.

P.S. Spray bottles work wonders in conditioning cats. I don’t even have to use one anymore with my cat. As soon I motion to reach for the drawer it’s kept in, my cat straightens right up.

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If you can do a takeapart, remove the entire keyboard assembly and soak it in warm distilled water for 20 mins or so. Then, drip dry it COMPLETELY. Let it sit in a warm dry place for a day, then hit it with a blow dryer on medium from several directions. Reassemble and test.

I’ve used this technique to save parts that couldn’t be replaced before. It works fairly well as long as you dry the parts completely before reapplying power.

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I feel your pain… I spilled wine into my 2 day old MacBook pro keyboard. Sh*t happens-Ouch. Warranty void, AppleCare protection care void IF I sent it to apple to fix. If I sent it to an apple certified pro to fix- at least 600$ cheaper at 160$ and I still have my warranties. Good as new. I now drink elsewhere. Best of luck!

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the laptop doesn’t matter, your wife does. Make sure she knows that you’re not uspet with her and that you love her. Accidents happen, its how we deal with them that defines us.

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I’ve heard that any small electronic that gets wet you can cover it in grains of rice for a few days to let the rice absorb all of the moisture. That might help the next time something happens! Sticky keys I don’t know.

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think about the long run, a day after i got my new laptop i silled a mimosa on my computer, i turned it off for the rest of the day and let it dry out, i however saw no immediate problems and im not sure if any of that is related but recently i have been having a lot of trouble with my keys and my computer in general. you might want to go to a computer store and ask them!
as for the sticky keys turn off the computer and try a damp cloth, running the cloth across the keys. you can also try rubbing alcohol, if you have a laptop i dont recommend taking off the keys, i recently broke off my caps lock key from trying to do that, although the key still works there is no longer a key on it.

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