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Where did you go for answers before you found this gem of a website?

Asked by kidkosmik (452points) January 22nd, 2010

I love this site! Just wanted to share that. I tried Yahoo Answers before coming across the jellies.

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I found it from Google.

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Google, or I asked my friends.

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The site is… meh. It’s just another website, you know? It’s my jelly colleagues that make the place what it is, and that keep me here. Mostly.

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@shego True, I cannot forget all-powerful Google.

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I love this site too! and honestly i never really tried a Q & A site other than finding cheats for iphone games… but that took me directly to yahoo answers. I used to just google stuff.

Welcome to Fluther BTW!

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Indeed, it is awesome. Welcome aboard!

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I was on Windows Live QnA. I came to Fluther when they closed it down, and I don’t miss it as much any more.

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Google then and occasionally

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Yahoo answers
windows live/msn Qna


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Before fluther there was

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Asking people I know. I never ask things here that I can find out via google or wikipedia, I usually ask for opinions or advice. This helps me increase my sample size, plus it’s fun. :)

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The Holy Bible.

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Nah. I’m just kiddin’.

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@AstroChuck, it’s jokes like that that’ll send you to hell.

I’m just kidding, too.

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Bwaahaha. :D

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Answerbag (and before that: Abuzz)

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Google and one of the answers was an answer on this site, so I checked it out and am hooked.

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I somehow came across this: yesterday and have been here since. :-X

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I participate in several different Question and Answer sites, and I mostly answer. I have earned many prizes and awards for my answers on several of the other sites. For my questions, I use a search such as which donates to my favorite charity for every search I make.

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I started out at Askville before finding my way here. Fluther is the best of the best.

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I had never used a Q & A site before, and had no desire to do so. I just happened upon an article about Fluther from a link on another (non Q & A) website. The article made it sound really interesting, so I popped over to check it out. I have been hooked ever since. Welcome to all the newcomers!

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I googled my Q with various keywords until I had homed in on a likely info source.

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