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Yeah right, like we're really going to celebrate that Sarcasm got 10k? Pffffttt!

Asked by avvooooooo (8880points) January 22nd, 2010

Its not like he’s done anything special or anything. Not the cool and smart answers or anything fantastic at all. Nor the super cool chat dances.

Whyever would we give a big WOOHOO for Sarc? I can’t imagine!

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I think he is a complete asshole. *

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I hate him so much. He’s such an ass.
~ xoxoxoxoxo

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Congrats to you! I always get a good laugh at your answers! Even if @johnpowell thinks your an a-hole, I kinda like you! :)

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Bah! Sarcasm! Who needs him!?~

Congrats, Sarc.

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Aw thanks guys. I really feel the love tonight~

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Way to go @sarcasm!!!!!! You finally made it!. The best part of this is @johnpowell , @gggritso , @avvooooooo , @rangerr. @petethepothead, @Dog, @cyndihugs, @Tink1113 and I were all in chat with you to see you reach the milestone. SD County represent!

Much lurve bro! Here’s to 20k!

Edit: @johnpowell is right… he IS an asshole!

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He talks dirty to people in chat btw, just ask avvooo herself :P

Congratulations dude!

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No way!! Way? Congratulations

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I’m so happy you made it to 10k before I did, and I’ve been a jelly for so much longer. So very very happy for you. ~

YAY! Way to go! I baked you a cupcake.

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Congratulations are go! Happy ten k day!

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Great Job @~, Congrats!

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ugh, that guy.~

Congrats Sarcasm!

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Well congrats. Couldn’t have happened to a better douche~

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pssh. congratulations. ~

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Boo… Not @Sarcasm.

Or, yay. Woo hoo!

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@Sarcasm you inspire me to strive! For something. Maybe I’d be getting there faster if I stopped smoking so much weed so I could be coherent more of the time I was here.

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What can I say…I worship you more.

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Pfft. Why? No one likes him.~


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But really, darlingsugarbearhoneykins.
I love you lots and congrats!!!!!!!!

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Whoopee f~n doo!!

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Do a little dance, make a little lurve, get 10k tonight! ;)

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I suppose I should say something nice.

You write a lot.


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Suck it, bitch!~

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and I am sure you’re not as big an asshole as ⅔’s of the people here think.

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Yay Sarky! :) Congratulations!

I still remember when you and I were on AIROW. Good times. You were always awesome.

Now think about maybe trying out a different avatar for once…lol…you used that same one on AIROW too! :P

Congratulations again. :)

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I mean, you couldn’t be…

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So, @Sarcasm the total for the pancakes for everyone comes out to about…. $2,367.78 will you be paying by cash, check or money order?~

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He really is a huge asshole. Ask his goatse.

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You did it! Congrats :)

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Dear Sarcasm,
I remember when you were just a bearded unintelligible caveman back in the days of AiROW. No, really, you were covered in hair.
I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I’m glad to see you prospering in your new home, and you’ve managed to steer clear of trannies this time around. You’ve made me proud.

And how could I forget you as: “Heeey, Am I Right or Wrong. I am the miserable, filthy, godless, Satan-worshipping atheist, who loves death, kills bunnies, hates freedom, lacks morals, and is single-handedly destroying the Christian nation of America, and happens to be named Sarcasm.”

Good to see not much else has changed!

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@Axemusica I’ll be paying by… uh.. I think I left my wallet in my.. car. Yeah. I’ll be back in just a minute.. for realsies.

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Huzzah! Congrats Sarcasm :)

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Yeah, what she said @PnL.


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This guy got it??? Ugh….okay I can’t do this….


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WTF. SO terrible, yet, sarcasm made it to the 10K club….BORING!!!! ;)

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Sarcasm?.........who the what now?
Ah well, Hoots mon!

Wee, sleekit, cow’rin, tim’rous beastie,
O, what a panic’s in thy breastie!
Thou need na start awa sae hasty,
Wi’ bickering brattle!
I wad be laith to rin an’ chase thee,
Wi’ murd’ring pattle!

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so hawt

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Hip hip horray!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!

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Congrats, Sarcasm!

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * ~ ~ ~ * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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OMG, are you serious? Him? HIM? Bah…!~

Congrats on 10K, you ol’ heathen!

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Congrats! ~

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CONGRATU-F***ING-LATIONS! You are truly a valued and entertaining jelly.
And I mean no sarcasm.

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@Sarcasm is growing a vagina. And no, there is not tilde at the end of this.

Edit: Oh right, CONGRATS!

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Congratulations! Here’s to the next 10k; cheers.

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I’m glad you showed up here. I was tired of being the biggest asshole. You do it way better than I do.

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Congratulations. I guess.

No, really. ~


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It takes one word to describe a bastard like @Sarcasm: Schadenfreude..

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Heartiest congratulations ~

No, really, I actually mean it ~

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Here is Sarcasm’s first tentative steps into the pop world, surely deserving of 10K with a soulful sultry voice like that

sarcasm or america

sarcasm or america

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Why did this party have to start at 1:00 a.m.????? I haven’t even had my first cup of coffee, and now I have to face all the pressure of commenting after all the funny ass quips above.

Oh, screw it. Congrats!

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Yea Sarcasm! Congrats! Making room for you in the mansion. You will be in the smart ass wing.~

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Pshhh Sarcasm..can we do any better? :P L0l rock!!! :)))

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And your mother said it wouldn’t pay…....


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AiROW represent!
Shine on you crazy neckbeard

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Congrats Sarcasm! ~

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Thanks for all the laughs @Sarcasm! Congrats.

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So? Who cares? It’s just Sarcasm…~

Haha. Lurve to you @Sarcasm, congrats on reaching 10k! :)

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I can’t compete with the already brilliant sarcasm peppering this thread, so you’ll have to do with a simple congrats from me! I’ll be in charge of cooking all the pancakes to make it up. :)

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Congrats you clever asshole!!!!

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Fuck you…die bitch.
Party on.

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Smarter than @Harp, warmer than @augustlan, more adorable than @rangerr, wiser than @Marina, cooler than @petethepothead, sweeter than @whatthefluther: @Sarcasm, he’s my man all the way.

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^She’s pretty good at this^

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Crap…this sucks! Actually, a big ass congratulations and cheers to you @Sarcasm, I love your posts and humor!

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@Jeruba That better be sarcasm, Jeruba. ♥ kidding. He’s adorkable.

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AWESOME!!!!! Way to go Sarc!!!!

Glad to have you here in the 10k! I set up the ballroom with a live band and open bar!

May the party begin!

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damit. Late again!


Fred931's avatar


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^Has a thing for African rodents

Fred931's avatar

/\ has a thing for being prejudiced
< has a thing for not knowing how to do the /\ thing

SeventhSense's avatar

How is African Rodents prejudiced? That would be an extrapolation I never intended. You said Congo rats

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And another warm congratulations for Sarcasm. No tilde

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Why none of these guys:

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I am not going to be sarcastic. I am just going to say congratulations to a great Flutherite.
Uh, really.

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So, congrats, I guess. ;-)

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Meh. It’s just 10k.~

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