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Let's all congratulate YARNLADY folks!

Asked by Saturated_Brain (5235points) October 28th, 2009

For what? Well, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? She’s reached 10K!!!

I saw her score and felt like I needed to post it, since nobody else has done it (you old dinosaurs you). Come on you guys, is traffic this slow this time of the day? When you’ve got a Flutherite reaching 10K, shouldn’t there be this alarm going off somewhere in the mod HQ?

Ah screw it I’m supposed to be taking a hiatus from this place anyway

Congrats YARNLADY. =)

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Nice to meet you YARNLADY, Congrats on 10k! ;]

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Wow! Local girl does good! Congrats to my favorite Sacramento flutherite (well, after myself, of course).

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Congrats Lady of Yarn!

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WhoooooHooooo! Lurve to you @yarnlady!

Pancake Platters all around!

I was hoping all week I’d be the one to post this :(

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@SpatzieLover I just saw her score a few minutes ago at 9995, and was like, “Whoa. That’s very near 10K”. Then it turned to 10K. Nobody seemed to be congratulating her, so I was thinking to myself, “Saturated_Brain, here’s your chance to make an impact on the Fluther community!” and so.. Well.. I grabbed it.. =P

I’m real sorry that you you didn’t get to do it. Honest! <crosses heart>. Why not you keep a lookout for @Likeradar? I can see another Flutherite veryyy nearrrrr…

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Congratulations to one of our most sincere Jellies.

Way to go, Yarnlady!

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Super duper!

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Congrats :)

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Congrats! :)

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Congrats! :)

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**Y A Y! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S. Y A Y!** That’s not it, is it? Hoorah!

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Congrats YARNLADY!

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Way to go! When I see your name, I am pretty sure I am going to get a piece of useful wisdom! Thanks!

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Sheesh! I aspire to be like you someday YARNLADY! Congratulations! :D

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YAY!!! It’s like Christmas in October :)

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *
Good job, Yarnlady!

@tinyfaery I had to copy and paste to get it!

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Congrats! Cheers! Much Lurve! – LB

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Someone should knit you a sweater in congratulations!

It could have a giant Dr J crocheted on the front even.

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sends a virtual sandwich of your choice from Tummy’s in Rio Linda

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Yay to YARNLADY!!!!

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***YAY*** @YARNLADY. Congoratas.
It was about time!

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POINT PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It’s things like this that make
me question what I am doing here.
Congrat’s Yarnlady.
You’re party has turned into a great answer lurve in. Buncha hippies. You’d better be wearing protection.

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Huspaz! 10k! Your sensible answers are always appreciated.

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Awesome YL! I’ve enjoyed your answers since you first showed up here. Looking forward to 10,000 more!

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im so proud

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Right on! Dog!

I guess you no longer have newbie status.

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Hooray Yarnlady! Seems like you’ve been creeping up there for a while now… Way to reach a peak!

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Congratulations YARNLADY!!! :-D

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lol everyones getting so much lurve in this thread.

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Congratulations to a helpful and conscientious jelly!

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I won’t do it. NOPE. I will…not…copy…YARNLA…aarrrrggghhh

* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

huh…ah…whew…so sorry, I – I just couldn’t resist.

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Way to go YarnLady!!!!

Beverages are on ice and party trays are ready!!


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Well that just snuck up on us all, didn’t it?

Good job, Yarnlady!

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We’ll send you keys to the 10k only areas soon.

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Where do I see points listed?

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Pretty cool!

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I have lurved @YARNLADY from the day I met her. It’s not that I always agree with her opinions (she is a little paranoid and a bit antisocial….but I didn’t see many of you opening your homes to a fluther party, and a swimming party, no less, and going to extraordinary lengths to accommodate those of us that can use a bit of accommodation….and I’m not talking about my disability….but I am talking about my darn pets and that damn cursing parrot, in particular). But she is probably the straightest shooter in all of fluther. She has an opinion on darn near everything, (for good reason…..she has probably lived “it”), is not afraid to share that opinion….she absolutely and always speaks her mind, always clearly and concisely, and she does not back down no matter how many pot shots are taken at her position and even if it seems the entire jelly population opposes that position. And I am not talking stubborn without basis. Her reasoning is valid and I feel she speaks from her heart with conviction and based on real life experiences….and, that perhaps she has travelled many a rocky road at times and is perhaps now a bit too cautious. But, I lurve her nonetheless…. you can not blame someone for such a thing until you have walked in their shoes (or rode in their wheelchair).
CONGRATULATIONS @YARNLADY on your 10 K lurve milestone. You deserve all the kudos being thrown your way and so many, many more. See ya…Gary/wtf

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Yay!!! Congratiulations! Lurve and good times.

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@whatthefluther Wish I could give you a couple hundred lurve for that. Well stated!

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@whatthefluther : Very well said.

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Good for you! Woo-hoo!!!!!!!! :-)

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Well said. I always find myself learning something from her.

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@whatthefluther – That was beautiful! :-)

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@whatthefluther wow those are amazing words! and I completely agree with you.Yarnlady’s straight-forwardness is what makes her so darn awesome and lurvable. I’m so glad she is among us, flutherites. Don’t be jealous; you know I lurve you, too! ( :

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@ALL Thank you so much for the heartfelt greetings. I lurve you copy-cats acknowledging my signature greeting.
I was on a road trip for the last two weeks, so I didn’t get on as much as I would have liked, but each night, the hotel had free wireless, except in Yosemite National Park, so I didn’t miss much.

I have been on lots of different user participation sites, and Fluther is by far the best one of the bunch.

@AstroChuck I do have to say that when I achieved a similar landmark on another internet site, it was featured in the Sacramento Bee. Maybe this will be too.

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Group hug.

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Holy crap, that was quick. Congrats!

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@kevbo It was funny, that last 100 points took over a week

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Woot Woot!!! Congrats @YARNLADY !!!!!

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Congratulation @YARNLADY well deserved and @whatthefluther , you choked me up again!

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@petethepothead How did I overlook that?! That was adorable.

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Congrats! We lurve you!!!

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@petethepothead awwww, that’s sweet

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By the time this lurve fest is over, we are all going to be at 10k.

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I think thats the reason most people are still posting in this thread.

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I say we all enjoy a hot cider and give three cheers for YARNLADY! Hip Hip HOORAY!

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Congratulations to Yarn Lady, ain’t no wool in her brain ( I have no idea what that means it just seems as if I should try to say something clever!)

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@rooeytoo well, YARN is made from wool

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@YARNLADY – thank you, I knew there had to be a connection somewhere!

What I meant is despite the fact that yarn is fuzzy, there is nothing fuzzy about your thinking!

There that sounds pretty good and it is true as well!!

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hip hip hooray!

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Nice going @YARNLADY!!! Congratulations!

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Whooo hoooo,yeeeehhh hoooo! :D Congratezz lady! :) Your great and i hope you enjoy your special day! :] Happy 10k day!!!

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Hoping your Happy 10K Day has been ultra-lurvy !

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@mcbealer Happy 10K Day I lurve it. I have entered it into my journal.

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thanks :)
@YARNLADY ~ that artwork from Pete is sooooo cool!!

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@YARNLADY Great Caesars Ghost! Well done!

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I am happy for everyone!

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Congratulations, YARNLADY! Welcome to the 10k club! =)

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@YARNLADY – welcome to the tight knit get it 10k club.

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@Val123 The lurve points are right under everyone’s avatar, to the right of their user name. You can also see it on the profile page.

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looks like someone will be joining the even more exclusive 20k club soon.

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@dalepetrie—looks like a close race to me.

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Do me a favor please, let me know the day before so I can get to the party on time!


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Congrats on your 10k.

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Back from road trip, fast and furious, Yarnlady, I had to browse through 4 pages that you answered in last 24 hours. Well, I must appreciate!

Congratulations on your 10K spot. Wish you very happy road trip ahead!

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I’m late to the party. Congrats yamlady @YARNLADY ! =)

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Is there any cake left?

Belated congratulations, @YARNLADY!

I look forward to many more of your perls of wisdom.
I just had to add that.

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Holy crap! This is quite possibly the largest Lurve in since the 60’s!

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@judochop – hehehe, I think the last time I was in a lurve in would have been in the 60’s!

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@rooeytoo And you probably didn’t have to worry about hurting your knees then!

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@janbb – you are too funny and the worst part is that at the moment I am bothered by a very sore knee so your words are sadly accurate.

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@rooeytoo I knew that you had knee problems and that’s why I said it. But I hope you feel better soon.

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@janbb – thank you, I am swimming and elliptical bike-thinging and I just bought an aqua belt so I can run in the pool without drowning. I do think it is improving and I am discovering that I sort of like swimming which will be good for cross training diversity. I am trying to get a waterproof ipod case so I can listen to a book while I swim. Only complaint is that here in the tropics the pool is like a warm bath!

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Thankyou all for such a wonderful response. @holden thanks for the YARN tie-in, it’s spelled purl

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@YARNLADY oops, I must have been thinking about the programming language.

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Boy am I late! I was tangled up on all that yarn.
Congradulashuns YARNLADY!

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congrats, Ye olde Lady of thee Yarne.

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@YARNLADY: I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in months!

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congratulations!!! ((((:

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Congratulations ! (=

It must be really good to have you here in Fluther, and this makes me love this place even more !

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@andrew it’s about time. Been busy on the new feature, hey?

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Whay I found the party!! CoNgRaTulAtIonS @YARNLADY you are the best :)

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Well knit me all up in a sweater—10K! Wow! Congrats, YarnLady.

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