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Could you imagine a life in which you communicate only via internet memes?

Asked by Nullo (22009points) January 23rd, 2010

Say you walk into a McDonald’s. They ask you for your order, and all you can say in response is, “I can has cheezburger plz?” or hold up a photo of a cat with the same caption. Stuff like that.

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Internet memes can’t express all of our emotions, but otherwise it would rule. About half of our communication would be cute kittens and quotes from 300.

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Half my life is already like that. I’m sure I could handle it.

There’d be a hell of a lot more forced memes, somehow, I think.

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Ya, I practically do that now.

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Fuck yeah, Seaking.

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You mean like being on Facebook?

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That would be fun! More opportunity to exercise my awkward humor. When do we start? Now? Ok!

Seriously, using cats is more appealing than my excessive real life speech…

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You mean monosyllabic words and sound bytes. I think it already exists among some sections of the population but I think people need to start thinking, reading and writing more to participate, not less.

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Actually, my college buddies and I used to do that our senior year after we had watched videotaped episodes of the Simpsons, the film Four Weddings and a Funeral, and listened to the Jerky Boys about a million times each. One of the group got sick of it, but the rest of us (maybe 7–10) made it an everyday means of communication. Mostly, we laughed our asses off, but when you’re young almost anything can be funny.

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Communication involves shared symbols and internet memes are jargon that only make sense to the subset of people. The jargon changes quickly. I could not imagine even trying to communicate exclusively through internet memes.

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all your base?

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Lollerskates roflcopter!

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Would this work in a McDonalds in China? They might follow different Internet memes. Or serve you a cat cheeseburger.

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