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Mixing rap/hip-hop and metal/rock what do you think?

Asked by Steve_A (5125points) January 26th, 2010

I want to ask what do you think of hip-hop/rap and rock/metal being mixed?

I think there some attempts or bands doing and its really works. Some are doing it and I think maybe one genre covers the other up too much..?

I got to thinking about this after there was question on—-> hip hop/rap

Also if you are one those I only listen rap, cause I am freak’in G or I only listen to real music “rock” then seriously don’t answer with BS.

Only please do turn me onto bands/artist that you know of. I also tend to lean on older music I mean like 90’s 80’s etc….The newer music from 2000 and now is eh okay compared to older music but thats just me.

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I like it when it is done well – I recommend the soundtrack album Judgement Night which came up with some pretty odd-ball combinations of bands and, in general, hits the mark.

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I’m not really a fan but I don’t see why it couldn’t work. I like the hip hop blend here and here.

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Brokencyde ruined it all.

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@Tink1113 Who are they never heard of em….

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And this

They all have something to do with sex or sucking dicks.

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@Tink1113 Hm guess it was alright…not sure if was even mixing the two though really to me…Not sure what the sex or sucking dicks has to do with anything? lol….

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That Brokencyde sound like they tried to take the vocals from screamo type music and put beats in the back of it, with rap like lyrics which is a far cry from what I was thinking.

Again I don’t think in my opinion they really mixed genres at all there….least from what I heard.

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@Steve_A I never thought of the Beastie Boys as anything but hip hop/rap but Rage is a good call, I forgot about them. I suppose I overlooked the mention of rock in the question and was just trying to think of metal blends. I suppose Cypress Hill would be another, but I was never particularly impressed by them. I course they never inspired the outright dislike I felt for Linkin Park or POD.

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@fundevogel Linkin park and POD I liked both funny you mention I just listened to POD little bit ago, both of them I don’t listen to as much it kinda depends on there song.

I was disappointed in Linkin park they seem to stop pushing the boundaries and growing as a band, and POD I am not sure what happened to them feel off the radar it seems but they seemed more into the music least. Youth of the nation favorite song of mine.

I am listening to Cypress Hill now….I like it so far.

The Beasite boys though the way I see if you incorporate yelling and more statement lyrics with less rhyme/flow and guitar riffs its a little more rock to me.

I had a sample clip of something I did, as an example but they said it was self-promotion so I took it down.

Basically guitar riffs/lead meets hip-hop beats/turntable scratches kinda what I was looking for.

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@Steve_A Eh, I’m probably not you’re best source since I don’t listen to much straight rock anymore. You might like some Massive Attack though, it’s trip hop.

Five Man Army
Inertia Creeps

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Sorry, this mixture will never make a cake. the ingredients are all wrong. rap is losing its taste, metal tastes bad and hiphop creates bubbles in the batter.

Try something else.

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@john65pennington – It doesn’t need to make cake. Maybe it’s a pizzelle. It’s not reasonable to write off an entire genre as a waste of time. It may not be to your taste, but there are good and bad musicians in every genre.

Personally I love cross genre music, it brings something new and distinct to otherwise familiar genres. I mean, folktronica anyone?

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It’s been done. Some of it is quite good.

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I’m not into it.

I actually like old-school rap – the stuff that was either a serious political statement, or an obvious joke. The genre today has deteriorated into little better than repetitive plagiarism.

I recently heard a rap song while out and about (and no, I couldn’t name it if I tried) that used samples of Led Zeppelin music. I am willing to bet good money that Zeppelin didn’t see a dime from that album’s release. This is just one example.

The whole situation has left such a rotten taste in my mouth toward the genre, that I don’t enjoy listening to it at all.

I am a fan of metal, but I’m a little on the particular side. I go out of my way to listen for bands that push the envelope. If they “sound like Pantera”, I might as well listen to Pantera, KWIM? I find myself most drawn to the Progressive styles, as well as Hardcore and Punk, with a little good Death metal in there. One could argue that bands like Suicidal Tendencies (love them!) have a “rap” influence, I’d be more likely to suggest that rap artists are influenced by hardcore.

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“I actually like old-school rap – the stuff that was either a serious political statement, or an obvious joke. The genre today has deteriorated into little better than repetitive plagiarism.”

I agree, they have put a bad name and reputation for themselves which I don’t think is fair though to label someone who is considered rap is bad or tasteless though most of it is, it seems. Surely there is still people out there with a purpose ya know?

I also see what your saying about the Pantera example thats a good point as well.

The only problem I have with some metal and even rap bands is there message and vocals are hard to hear they are rapping so fast and yelling ans screaming so much all I hear is music.

but I also understand that it in itself is a style so, I can’t complain just kinda don’t get it I guess…

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I think older rap and rock/metal can work together. Think Run DMC and Aerosmith. Not so sure about hip hop and rock. I listen to everything, so I’d give it a try. But it’s not an easy crossover.

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