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Metal. Educate me.

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) July 30th, 2008

Okay so, I’ve always liked rock music… Rolling Stones and all that jazz: But then there’s metal. Good metal’s pretty hard to find. When working on the set of a horror movie I stumbled into the effects guy’s workshop while they were listening to 3 Inches of Blood: Elegant.

Dethklok’s fun, but y’know, I wouldn’t call em a real Metal band. I own the Dethalbum, or at least, have the illegally downloaded one.

Someone brought up Dragonforce to sound cool… and a lot of people tell me “Don’t waste time with Dragonforce, it’s only big now because of Guitar Hero”.

Help me. I dress in white clothes but I like Metal. I forgot the specific term, but for instance, Iron Maiden’s grand and I’ve been listening to them since 96 (on accident, Number of the Beast was just a great song).

It’s a particular branch of metal, where they’re not afraid to use violins or have like, angels singing and crap in the background too. Rammstein’s got the sound, Maiden’s got the sound, Dethklok’s got the sound, 3 Inches of Blood has it… I just need more of it.

This was pulled offline by a moderator because they “didn’t see the question”. It’s simple: ******WHAT ARE SOME GOOD METAL BANDS SIMILAR IN STYLE TO THE ONES NAMED IN THIS QUESTION?********

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What about Queen? They had a lot of metal in them. Metallica covered their Stone Cold Crazy, but I like the original better.

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Maybe Ministry?

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well, you should just explore a lot, i remember getting into metal, i heard the album “follow the reaper” by children of bodom at school, metal i really like is bands like symphony X, Annihilator, or maybe something completely classical like Apocalyptica ?

the best thing to do…just listen to a lot, i remember starting with AC/DC and just building from there, listening to the things that i like in music, which is complexity and good solo’s

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I have a soft spot for Chimaira.

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I agree with iwamoto, just explore. There are so many different kinds, it’s amazing. I too love Children of Bodom, they are “melodic death metal”, and another one of those I recommend would be Arch Enemy. You’ve also got your “power metal” like Dragonforce, and some similar bands are Hammerfall, Kamelot and Lost Horizon. I also like Iced Earth, who are sort of a cross between power metal and thrash metal. Folk and Viking metal is also great and I would recommend Wintersun and Ensiferum. If you’re looking for black metal, try Immortal, Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Burzum and Endstille. If it’s thrash you want, try Slayer, Exodus and Kreator. Then we get into Death Metal. Bloodbath are a Swedish band that I quite like, and if technical death metal sounds appealing try Psycroptic. An early black/thrash/death metal band that I quite like is Celtic Frost. If it’s just good old Death Metal you’re after, I’d recommend Morbid Angel, Sadistik Exekution, Krisiun, Decapitated, Kataklysm, and God Dethroned.
This is sort of borrowed knowledge, I guess you could say. You wouldn’t call me a metal head from looking at me. My friend got me into this music and I am forever grateful. It took me a while- he would send me a song every so often for about a year before one day I just suddenly decided that I liked it. I am a huge fan of Iron Maiden and I took this friend with me to see them in Melbourne this year to say thankyou for broadening my music taste and knowledge :)

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if you are on a mac and search a band you like in acquisition (similar to limewire) it will recommend similar artists. that is how i found some of my favorite bands now

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if pantera, then only the cowboys from hell album, i have FBD and VDP too, but they just don’t match up

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well as long as we’re talking albums, then Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets by Metallica are definitely staples.

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ugh…..metallica sucks…

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ugh…. whatever….

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-1 for cheebdragon

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lurve for waterskier.

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metallica may have been good, way back in the day…..but everything they have made in the last 5–10 years has fucking sucked…they are greedy assholes who sold out and went “pop”.

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god i hate when people say bands sell out. SO WHAT. they are doing it to make money, just like 99.999999% of the things in this world. it is their choice so deal with it

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Um, Cheeb? Check the release dates on the two albums I posted about. July 27, 1984.. 24 years old. March 3, 1986… 22 years old.

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@poof, that would require people to google something before they come out and bash something. come on this is the internet, you know that doesnt happen. it would be real tough to press ctrl+t and google in another tab (cmd+t for us mac users). ;)

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And did i ever disagree with you poof??????
All i said was that metallica sucks, then i explained why metallica sucks….

thanks for the advice waterskier, you are obviously super intelligent in your own mind, but since i already knew when both of those albums came out, google would be a waste of time…......
please stop being a “constant douche”

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@cheeb: Well, when I suggested Metallica and you said “ugh, Metallica sucks”.. doesn’t that sort of seem like a disagreement to you?

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should i have mapped out an exact timeline for you?

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Actually, if you were going to turn around and say you weren’t disagreeing with me, yeah, that might’ve padded your argument. GOD what is with the fucking attitude?!

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@poof, that time of month possibly? haha

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no, waterskier. I’m easily agitated this morning. cheeb and I spoke in PMs, it’s all good.

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I’m going to step in and say Metallica does suck nowadays, however, their latest album IS showing some “old school promise”. Kirk’s doing solos again, the lyrics are nonsensical and grim, and Lars is banging the drums and shutting the fuck up.

Lars is the single biggest reason I don’t like Metallica. His big anti-Napster thing probably made him the biggest tool in rock music.

That said, Metallica’s good enough as a gateway, Pantera’s pretty alright, but most of their fame came post Dimebag death. That’s when everyone who downloaded 2–3 mp3’s from them historically came out with their “I knew Dimebag personally” stories.

If you’ve listened to any rock band since before they became big, back when they were learning to tie their shoes, etc: Whatever… you were cool before it was cool, etc. Great suggestions here though… been flipping through a few tracks of it.

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I can’t believe I actually gulp totally agree with Lovelocke this time. I was obsessed with them for a long time, and I was okay with them up until St. Anger, which wasn’t even good enough to use as a coaster. and then Lars’s mouth… and then Some Kind of Monster which was a practice in how to bitch, moan, whine, and generally get nothing of substance done. Add onto that the ejection of Jason Newsted because James Hetfield (who I still love) has a ginormous ego… and there you have it. The fall of a great, great band.

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@Poof: You’d agree with a LOT I say if you weren’t so uptight all of the time… lol: I’m pretty consistent and otherwise astute. Not in this thread of course, I’m asking a question about something I don’t know about, but given time I’ll have a mental wiki of the genre.

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@Lovelocke: I’m not uptight.. trust me. You and I just don’t see eye-to-eye on much.. and truth be told, I sort of think you’re a jerk (I already know I’m a bitch… so don’t worry. It’s not that big of a dig. Just my personal observation). That being said, I have no doubt that if you stowed the sarcastic attitude a lot of the time, you’d have things to say I’m sure I wouldn’t mind listening to. So… yeah. Kudos to you.. THIS time.

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@poof, i wasnt talking to you, i was responding along with your comment about cheeb because you asked her what the fuck is with the attitude

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OHHHHH okay… sorry hehe

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waterskier, its obvious that your just a kid, but how old are you exactly?

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Would we class Green Jelly as metal? When I heard Electric Harley House of Love and 3 Little Piggies (or whatever it’s called) I considered them more of the awkward rock/pop genre that bands like Beastie Boys fit into.

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you know you love green jelly…..dont deny it…..ha
actually i just put that one in for fun because i saw it when i was looking at all the suicidal videos.

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Pelican, Amon Amarth, Mastodon, Lamb of God, The Human Abstract, Slipknot, Superation, Therion. Just a sample of the mix…

Up the Irons! Iron Maiden fan since the DiAnno days. I like Bruce best.

And I’m no Metallica fan, never have been. You can all take turns telling me how awesome they are- not buying it.

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@cheeb, im 18 why do you ask

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Dragonforce is awesomes the hell with anyone who says different. Lols

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waterskier… shows

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@trance, i’m actually seeing dragonforce on tour, why? because it’s really funny, and it’s not supposed to be taken serious, just like metallocalypse…

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The trouble with music is that taste, for lack of better term, is in the eye of the beholder. The best way in my humble opinion is to take bands that are in the style that your interested in, and make use of tools such as Pandora. Pandora ( is a neat idea where you create a “station” of a band then you can play through the station to find bands that have similar characteristics. The best par is that similar means not exact, it give you a neat stepping stone to find hidden gems.

Hope that helps you.

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Have you listened to much/any Blind Gaurdian? I’m not such a big fan but they sound right up your alley. Also early Helloween is pretty excellent, great 80’s power metal with a similar feel to Iron Maiden. I also suggest you check out W.A.S.P if you havn’t already, their album ‘The Crimson Idol’ is one of my personal favourites and is very epic. Venom’s first 2 albums are absolutely classic and I would say essential for anyone who listens to metal!

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at the gates, (i think you’ll really like them judging by what u said in ur description. check out “slaughter of the soul” for a good sample)
the autumn offering (“embrace the gutter” album only),
the agony scene (specifically the songs scapegoat, and eyes sewn shut),
cradle of filth,
killswitch engage (metalcore, more metal in their early albums),
norma jean (freakin weird band, i dont know what kind of metal it is. check out “i used to hate cell phones, but now i hate car accidents” or “disconnecktie”),
trivium (straight up metalcore, solos and breakdowns. check out “gunshot to the head of trepidation” for one of [i think] the greatest solos of all time. ascendancy was their only good album, IMO. anything after sounds just like metallica).

i tried to only name bands ppl haven’t posted yet. hope i helped :)
i <3 metal.

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I know this is an old thread but it caught my eye. If it hasn’t already been said, you should definitely check out Nightwish. Finnish metal band that loves the symphonic strings and epic orchestral stuff.


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This is, in my opinion Nightwish’s best song. It’s called Ghost Love Score. EPIC beyond all belief. ignore the video though, it’s kinda lame.

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In Flames
Children of Bodom
If your looking for metal with violin, look up apocolyptica
they do awsome metallica covers

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If you like those bands and want some metal, then try some older metallica. if you want some pretty insane and heavy music, try something around Mudvayne.

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I dont know if you like the sub genre’s in metal, but two really good bands are:
Darkest Hour
August Burns Red

Go listen to them and tell me what you think.

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Ohhh I Know a really good band
Go look up
Artist: Soilwork
Song: Nerve

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hatebreed, pantera, slayer, converge, trivium

gay for johnny depp, every time i die, ghost of a thousand, once nothing

depends what metal you’re after.

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My personal favorites are Converge, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Zao, Norma Jean, The Chariot. And Genghis Tron. Greatest band. I’m not into slaying dragons very much, but Amon Amarth is also nice once in a while.

I’m also into French metal. Names like Overmars (if you like sludge), L’Esprit du Clan, Sidilarsen, Kiemsa, Gojira (of course), Sikh, Plebeian Grandstand, Tantrum, Eyeless, Grotesque Through Incoherence, Year of No Light are all in my iTunes library among many others.

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