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When is the best time of year to hike in the Cascade or Olympic mountain ranges?

Asked by gsaas (9points) January 14th, 2007
would like to plan a trip to the Pacific Northwest, but don't want to be eaten by bugs
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The Olympic mountain range is a rainforest, and therefore wet - and cold - for much of the year. The Cascades get snow in the winter and the whole pacific northwest is pretty chilly from Sept/Oct thru April/May. I have friends who have gone snow camping in the winter in the Cascades, and have had great times doing it. I'd definately take bugs over snow and rain :)
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The Pacific Northwest is absolutely beautiful in the summer, especially July/August. There are no bugs, low humidity, and tons of gorgeous days (70s/80s). Should be a great time for hiking too (assuming you're not going to huge altitude).
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june and september can also be very mild/warm and sunny, but there is more of a chance of rain than july and august
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I would say mid September. Most of the people are buys, and the weather is still pretty warm. Also, there probably will be some freezes at night to kill off the mosquitos. Also, as evander said, June is also a great time to hike in the Cascades. But more people are out than in September.

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