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Which is a good brand of bicycle to buy?

Asked by essieness (7698points) January 26th, 2010

I’m not looking to get into hardcore cycling. I’m imagining and old school style, whitewall tires, big wide handlebars, maybe even a little basket on the front. Something just to cruise around town in. I’m willing to spend up to $300.


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Buy one that fits your budget and fits your body frame. Best way to do it is go to a bike store.

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Essie, go with Electra if you have the cash. The kind you want is called a cruiser.

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@Likeradar Didn’t you buy a really cute bike not too long ago?

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@essieness Yeah… I’m a cruiser nut. :) There’s a bunch of pictures on my FB. I’m putting together a list of links for you

I have a Diamondback Della Cruise and an Electra. The my Diamondback Della Cruz 3 is a good bike. My Electra is an amazing bike. It’s like the Caddy of cruisers.
Also look into:
Beach bikes
Nirve (if I sell the Diamondback or get a 3rd it will either be a Nirve Laihana or an Electra Gypsy.).

You can get some really awesome styles!

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I have a Schwinn that I like,but I thnk you should go with hatever feels good and is in your price range.I saw some old beach cruisers at re-sale shops that were in great shape for alot less.

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@Likeradar Whee!

Thanks for all your suggestions so far and I will be checking them out for sure!

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Schwinn. as a child, this is all my dad would buy me. they are still made today and are expensive. they are comfortable and last forever. you can buy a basket and bell for it at WalMart.

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Too late to edit… be sure to check Craigslist. There are usually some for sale. Search for “beach bike,” “cruiser bike,” or “fat tire bike.”

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I have a Fuji city touring bike, so it’s got fatter tires than a racer, but thinner tires than a bona fide mountain bike.

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I agree that a bike store can get you pedaling. The bike stores in my area all have sub-$300 grocery-getters that are pretty nice.

Bike stores are like music stores – the employees are hooked on the product. They will hook you up, too!

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Look at Electras. Also, check out REI. They’ll have better bikes in your price range than a big box store. Their in-house brand, Novara, is pretty good: decent tubing, good components, decent price.

Your local independent bike shop may or may not have something in that price range. Check them out, they can always order something great in for you too. Most shops order product regularly from a couple of distributors who can supply them with most anything in short order.

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My boyfriend has got a Marin bike. It is very light.

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I would say Schwinn as the well ridden hybrid I bought 16 years ago is still a nice ride. But I recently acquired a Fuji 10 speed that was left behind by the thief who got busted breaking into my car…a little oil and that baby is smooth and sweet!!

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Update: I am currently in love with this bike. I am taking donations to purchase it since I don’t have $600 just lying around.

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It’s darling!

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That’s the Electra Gypsy I said I’d get if I get a 3rd!

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@Likeradar Awesome! I saw one in person at the bike store yesterday and she stole my heart. Tax refund time is coming up… hmmm…

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