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I need help with sound devices and such on a pc.

Asked by jamzzy (885points) January 27th, 2010

okay so my pc is acting weird when i go to adjust the volume on volume control it gives me a message that says “There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware.”

when i do that it does not work…what do i do!?!??!

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You’ll have to further define “acting weird”. Does the volume work at all? Does it only not work when you adjust the volume?

There are a few threads already exhausted on other sites concerning this exact problem.

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there is no sound coming from my computer what so ever.

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Go to Start—> Run, and type in services.msc.

A window will pop up with a list of services. Scroll down to Windows Audio. Right-click
and click on Properties.

Make sure that “Startup type” is set to automatic. Also, make sure, under “Service
status,” start is selected.

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