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What are your experiences with marijuana withdrawal?

Asked by raven2783 (119points) January 31st, 2010

I’ve been smoking 13 months straight all day everyday. Weed from my friends is available all the time! so i’ve been sucked into the smoking world and i have loved it up until recently. i’ve been experiencing panic attacks where i think i’m going to go insane. i entertain such strange thoughts like i am everybody with no self, and my mind just seems jumbled and everything frightens me no matter what i think. i’ll be in class in college and something in the present moment will remind me of my past and it will even be a good memory but it will frighten me. almost as if im not frightened from the context of my thoughts but that i am aware that im thinking. its the strangest thing. like im a human that can’t live because he’s to focused on the functions of his mind rather then the experience they are giving him. anyone experience this stuff?

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Simply stop. The withdrawals are all mental and not bad. Booze is a lot harder to quit. It gets physical.

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I’ve experienced marijuana induced paranoia but it was of the “they are looking at me” variety.I have never had withdrawal symptoms.

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the only withdrawl thing i’ve seen is people turn into real grumps. I got the paranioa thing when I was kid, now as an adult and occasional smoker, never

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Since I only tried it twice in my entire life, and it did absolutely nothing for me either time, “withdrawal” was never a problem.

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Whenever I’ve smoked I’ve on occasions felt quite depressed for a couple of days afterwards… but you know that could have been the fact that when I’ve smoked I’ve also drank…and alcohol does depress the system.. so it’s not conclusive. I don’t think the marijuana is too bad in terms of withdrawals. But you have been smoking heavily. It does mess with your brain so I’d just stop. but then I don’t smoke that heavily

Having said that you’ve reminded me of a chap I got involved with over the internet who smoked every day and then decided to stop and he went a little nuts… mood swings… paranoia… I don’t speak to him now… maybe try cutting down but be really strict about a cutting down regime… put it on paper… make a plan…and stick to it… other than that cold turkey… but I’d advise stay away from other people if you think it might have bad effects… which it could well do if you’ve been smoking so much…. I don’t know… I’m not an expert… but giving up in whatever form has to be better than what you are doing now x… Much luck xxx

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I’ve had similar experiences and I’ve never even smoked weed. Should I be worried?

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I never experienced marijuana withdrawal but it affects people differently.

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I’m a pretty regular smoker; I toke for recreational and medical reasons, usually on a daily basis. Marijuana withdrawal that I’ve experienced and witnessed in others usually consists of a few days of being really cranky and that’s about it. You’re pretty safe to just stop if you can deal with being cranky.

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Basically you just want it is all. It’s just a mental withdrawal, but it’s not too hard to conquer. I went 9 months without smoking and now I only smoke weed maybe once a month, if even that.

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I do not think I had withdrawals. I stopped for a whole year and then started back up. I have smoked for years and I hit a point where the effects just weren’t the same anymore. I used to laugh and have fun, but later on I just began to get extremely paranoid. My heart would race and my legs would shake. I did not know what to do with myself. I was very uncomfortable even around my friends. I thought my friends were talking behind my back. After all, marijuana is a mild form of LSD so it is no surprise after smoking for a long period of time that these side effects have happened, even in your case.

What has helped me is to just take deep breaths and focus in on the moment. Doing this really puts your mind and body sound together and helps eliminate what you have been experiencing.

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” After all, marijuana is a mild form of LSD”

???? Where did you hear that. Sources??

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After I stopped smoking, I got really moody. It was very similar to PMS symptoms.

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@FlutherMe: let me clarify….it is considered a mild hallucinogen

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I deffinatly feel some of the symptoms you mentioned when i haven’t smoked for awhile, cant focus ect… best thing is to just cut back, only take a few small hits, couple of times

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It just kinda pissed me off, and I had trouble sleeping because I was depending on it to fall asleep.

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I’ve had experiences similar to those (panic attacks, crazy thoughts, etc.), but I’ve found that when I smoke (actually vaporize these days) less it is not a problem. I think it’s all about the amount you intake. Every one is different.

Withdrawal from MJ is not physical and I definitely agree with the person above who said to “take a deep breath and be in the moment”. That is totally accurate. I used to smoke non-stop with all my friends in college, but these days as I’ve matured, and find that a couple small tokes from the vaporizer puts me in the most comfortable frame of mind. It actually helps me with anxiety now that I’ve figured out how to take it properly.

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Yes when I tried to quit, I would wake up with the feeling of angst burning a hole into my chest, and go to bed feeling the same way, I’d be in tears every 5 minutes for no reason at all, I’d get the most intense feelings of anger, depression, you name it, everyday for about 2 weeks straight all I could think about was gassing myself in my car because the bad feelings and thoughts and anxiety seemed like it would never go away, endless days of my brain feeling confused, not registering properly, bad dreams, sweating, I pretty much had to lock myself away and avoid human contact for fear of not being able to control my emotions. But that’s just me. While apparently it’s not physically addictive, the way it screws with your mental health is what makes it hard to quit.

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I may be wrong, but it sounds like that its being mixed with something so it may be harder to get off of. You might want to have a doctor help you with getting off of it. Ive never have had a problem just stopping it though.

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