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Could there be a connection between sex and heartburn?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11656points) January 31st, 2010

So last weekend my boy was over, and I experienced heartburn, which I rarely do. I blamed the diet coke, which I never have.

This weekend the same thing happened and I didn’t consume anything strange. Could there be a connection between either sex or simply being horizontal in bed all day and heartburn?

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Maybe you ate something before having sex? That might cause it from indigestion.

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Check this info:

Also, hormones change alot of what’s going on in your body. Looseing up in one area can cause loosening elsewhere (below the belt & above the belt, in this case;-)

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Do you have heartburn after sleeping all night (without sex) ?

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Maybe an indirect connection.

About thirty years ago I met a young woman and started having sex with her. This continued to the point where she came with me when my job in that area was finished and I transferred out of town. We continued to live together, and soon I asked her to marry me.

After more than twenty years of heartburn we parted. My attacks these days are much less frequent and severe.

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Depends on the position, maybe?

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it all depends on exactly who you had sex with !!

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Only if you have sex with a Latin guy! Spicy! :P

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I would think spicy or acidic food several hours before any vigorous exercise would give you heartburn if you like to do upside down positions.

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When I was married, I had sex and heartburn. When I got divorced, I had sex, but the heartburn went away. No connection as far as I can tell.

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