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If you could only choose one person to have in your life forever, who would it be?

Asked by chels (6784points) February 1st, 2010

If you had live your life having only ONE other person around forever, who would that other person be and why? (This means that this person is the ONLY person in your life. No other friends, family, etc. Just this person.)

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This is when you realize you love many people. Can’t say it, but I have an idea.

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This is a trick question, as no one I know of (including myself) is immortal.

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The love of my life. She fulfils my desires, my emotional needs and loves me for who I am. I can’t ask for anything more.

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There is no possible way for me to answer this, being the mother of three children. It’s just inconceivable!

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This for me is easy, I would choose my husband. Hubby is the reason I get up in the morning. I genuinely wouldn’t be here still if it weren’t for him. If I’m having a really sucky day I just have to look at him and I feel better. He’ll wrap his arms round me and give me a hug and whatever has been bugging me just melts away. If I was to be stuck on a desert Island, so long as I had him with me, everything would be fine.
hugs everyone xx

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I had a relationship exactly like that, until 6Nov09. Now physically separated by death, but spiritually united forever.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I’m so sorry <hugs> I don’t know what to say. The worst pain I’ve ever felt was when i lost my grandmother, almost 9 years ago. In that time I’ve since lost my Dad, I wish so much that I could make your pain go away, from your replies you’re such a lovely person. You are right though, you’ll never be apart. I still talk to my Gran, I wish so much some days that she could answer me, but, I swear I’ve felt her so many times. It’s like she’s just out of my line of vision, and if i turned round quick enough I’d see her. Haven’t managed to catch her yet, but I know she’s there. I probubly sound crazy now but i swear its true. Sending millions of love and hugs xx

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@bunnygrl Thanks so much and ((hugs)) back. I’m starting to come out of the shock of it now. I’m moving back to the farm next week; rejoining the human race

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I would want my partner that I have now. The only other people in my life is my mum and dad, my mum is married and so she has someone, my dad and I have fallen out.

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@Dibley Things are going better now?

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Yes, a little thanks. The issue with my dad still bothers me but there is nothing I can do.

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Albert Einstein

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Wow looks like you are taking that ‘one step forward each day’. Good for you. I think you know by now there are so many people here on fluther who are supporting you.
I was once told when my mum died ‘she is only in the other room’. This has helped me to get through her death.
@bunnygrl I am just like you. I talk to my mum each and every day. I don’t care what people think about me, it just helps me when I do this.

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I couldn’t honestly answer this question.
I tried to think of just one person, but that is an impossibility.
I suppose I must be fortunate to have more than one person I would want to be with.

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Probably the girl I want to have sex with the most but who has thus far eluded my powers of seduction. umm well, i mean, assuming I’d be the only person in her life as well. otherwise that could backfire miserably. But if those are the rules, then definitely her. I figure there’d be at least a better than average chance she’d eventually have sex with me out of sheer boredom if nothing else. Sure, maybe that makes me shallow—but who cares what you think? It’s just me and her forever here after anyway.

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No way to answer this question, but just wanted to see the answers! So, pass on this one!

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That one very special girl I still have to meet.

This sort of exclusively binary relationship would only be fun if you’re in love, anyway.

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I couldn’t possibly choose between my wife and daughter.

I’d be a wreck if I lost either one – therefore of no use to the other one.

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My daughter. Though we’d probably drive each other crazy after a while. Are we talking desert island/end of the world scenario? ie are we the only 2 humans left? Because then I’d pick a grown woman and try to repopulate. But if it’s a situation where the rest of the world exists but are simply strangers, then my daughter.

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Jesus. (I know, I know. If I had to choose someone that’s physically present, I already know who it is).

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I already made that decision when I said, I Do.

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An English major I used to date in college that I foolishly let get away (sigh). So humble, yet so classy.

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Simple. My best friend Chantal. She’s just awesome. But I’d miss you, Chels. <3

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No, don’t make me :(
This’d be real hard to organise, anyway. Like when you’re doing seating for a function or weddings and you get people to put down two people they want to sit with and you have to make sure everyone gets at least one person they want on their table but if you’re only picking one person to begin with, what if the person you choose picks someone else? :S

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When I read this question , a few people appeared in my mind (like my mom , dad , two sisters , some good friends) . But to think about it , every one will have their own ‘only one person to have your life’ . So I will have to choose my own, eventually . And it’d be my boyfriend (= But I am only guessing that he will choose me too , haha !

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Is that one of those, if you had to die a horible death would you rather freeze or burn to death questions?

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Or one of those, if you could travel back in time, but could only save one person questions?

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Gorrit, God, since God is the creator, you can tell him your havin everyone, or you’l kick his arse!.......

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Shit, can I get a rewind!......
I don’t want to bring the devil, then everythin’s just peachy.

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ME. If it’s one person, it’d better be me rather than one person that would annoy the sh!t out of me come the time.

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I can’t remember her name, but she is Ice T’s wife.

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@cprevite I feel exactly the same, but in my case it is my HUSBAND and my daughter

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I could never choose between my Husband and my Son but; my Husband feels the same about me and my Son . I don’t think I will ever have too. They make my life worth living; without either one there is no point.

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Brian Boitano.

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The girl of my dreams.

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@partyparty Thanks so much! I try to think of Bernie Taupin’s lyric ”...and now she’s with me, always in me. tiny dancer in my hand…” (Elton John “Madman Across the Water” album – 1971).

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I would choose my husband but pretend that my kids have gone to live on another planet, happily. I don’t want to be without them.

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I can’t answer this. There’s too many people I’d want around.

This reminds me of a question some reporter asked John Cleese years ago: “If you were stranded on an desert island, what is the one luxury you would want with you?” “Michael Palin,” John replied, and he wasn’t making a joke. Awwww.

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personally, don’t see how this question can be logically answered. There is no way to pick my mom over my son…or for that matter, my grandchildren or my g/f….on and on! Each one is so important in my life…

oh well, we have to do something with our fingers this morning! lol

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I agree with you.

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I’d rather be alone than have to make a decision like that.

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My favorite star wars geek <3
You know who you are

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@philosopher rather shocked that this many people answered the question!

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I think you hit a l nerve.
I pray I never have to make such a choice. I would prefer death.
My Husband and Son are the fabric of my life.

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I would have to meet and get to know many many more people before I could make that decision.

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The person I dreamed about when I was in high school. When I met her, I knew right away that she was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way.

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@BoBo1946 Yes, it’s an impossible decision to make.
I think we are extremely lucky to be in the situation where we have more than one important person in our lives.
Some people don’t have anyone.

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My boyfriend.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Yes, I think you are doing the right thing… one step forward… the memories you have are YOURS… they don’t belong to anyone else, and no one else can take them away from you. Feel privileged.

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Kat Von D….. yep

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My mom. I may not live with her, or we may not talk every day at some points in my life, but having her there is something I would want.

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My SO, he is as much as my partner as he is my best friend <3 I would be completely happy having him, and only him, beside me for the rest of my life.. and beyond that if we are lucky <3

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Someone who would have me at the top of their list, too.

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Sorry, I can’t choose just one person. There would have to several individuals in my life.

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Do kitties count?

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Someone that is a story teller, so an author I guess! A book would be even better!

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like @augustlan I, being a mother of 4, can’t possibly answer this! It’s impossible!! I can’t even imagine living my life without my children OR my husband. I don’t think I would be able to live this way if I had to!! I would, if I have to say this, live with…hmm..nope not possible to imagine either!

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@Fred931 No. Just.. no.

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@partyparty exactly…funny how a question like this will stir people up…guess everyone here has reflected on who is really important to them. Great question…

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@philosopher like i said to our friend partyparty, a question that awaken people as to who or whom is really important to them!

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My best friend.:) I’m nothing without him.:)

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@slick44 Amen…..Thank you for being tall!

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My boyfriend.
But unfortunately, that will most likely not happen.

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