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Those of you who bank with CHASE.. would you recommend them?

Asked by kheredia (5566points) February 1st, 2010

I have an account with a great credit union but they don’t have any branches outside of my county so i’m thinking about opening another account with CHASE. I don’t want to go with Bank of America or Wells Fargo. Those of you who have an account with CHASE or have had one in the past, can you give me some feedback on how good or bad they are?

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I just switched to them from Wells Fargo. They seem cool. They have ATM’s everywhere which is nice. And they have a good rewards program. But to me a bank is a bank.

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i’ve been with chase for years, even before it was chase. only thing i dont dig is when you use your debit card for gas, it holds out a large amount in your available money as if you are trying to steal gas. for days, you will think you have ample money in your account and then, not knowing chase practice, you spend that money they held off to the side. i just pay cash.

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Local bankers may be nice enough, but they are basically a huge evil bank empire, which is good for having lots of branches and ATM’s, but bad if they decide to be evil to you (example: credit persecution – have heard and experienced evil in that department – I know someone who was getting hounded for years because they were trying to make more profit from someone struggling on a credit situation). I used to bank with the nice local bank Washington Mutual, and when Chase bought them out, the policies changed in the wrong direction, they started changing the terms of agreements, etc. Another person I know suddenly had monthly fees to pay, etc.

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I just opened a chase account in September and have been pleased so far. The people at the local branch are very easy to work with, but that has more to do with local forces than anything else. What I really like about chase is their online bill pay. I’ve used online bill pay with other banks (Wachovia, PNC, Fifth/Third) but Chase’s is better by far!

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I hate Chase. I have to deal with them because it’s where my company does their banking, and it’s miserable. On the phone or at the branch, they’re unhelpful, rude, and hurried. I wouldn’t open an account with Chase if you paid me. I recommend Wachovia.

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I was with BofA for 25 years until there was a change in policy that only co-owners not cosigners could do online banking. I found later that it was a govt ruling but it took nearly a month of hanging on the phone and paying my daughter’s bills out of my account brfore someone could tell me what was going on. Because of the poor customer service I switched to WAMU. checking, savings, CD’s, IRA for both of us. I did leave a mid 4 figure account because BofA has a branch in walking distance and WAMU wasn’t as convenient

I liked the personnel and policies at WAMU so when Chase took over I wondered. It’s been over a year and nothing has changed except the ever-present Chase “blue”. I am even buying a house with a Chase mortgage (surprisingly painless).

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I have had nothing but problems with Chase. They had horrible customer service and could not explain several bank fees on my account.

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Recommend is such a strong word.
They aren’t terrible, but they get on my nerves.
Personally, I like Discover Card and their service, but they aren’t accepted everywhere.

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Yes, Discover is my goto card because they give the best points and their customer service is great. Once I bought something way off from my usual and they called me to check on the purchase. The partner for discounts with a couple of my regular companies and about every 12 mos I turn my points into a cash payment. Chase has a new program for extra points but you have to pay an annual fee. Oh really!!

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Well it looks like i’ve got some thinking to do.. decisions.. decisions.. thanks for all the great answers guys!!

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