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How do you feel about sex dolls?

Asked by Blackberry (31779points) February 1st, 2010

Seriously??? Lol…I mean….I know there a lot of people that have an extremely hard time meeting a mate, but even prostitutes are cheaper and more fun than this technological breakthrough can provide.

I guess I will never know what it’s like to be at such a level to be able to have relations with an inanimate object and not feel like killing myself afterwards. I guess I just feel bad (and surprised) at the number of men that have already ordered this doll and others like these that were made earlier.
What do you think?

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I have enough breath to make love, but not to also blow up the lover . . .

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I think the blow up dolls would smell like latex and that isn’t really a turn on to me.

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Channel 5 in the UK made a doc about a few fellows who own them. Not the blow-up kind. The $8K+ kind.

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List of choices to find “love”:
1) Get a girlfriend.
2) Get a “buddy”
3) Hire a prosti.
4) Become a do-it-yourselfer.
5) blowup doll…

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Don’t long now ‘till Cherry 2000. Or Cherry 2010. I guess.

Michael_Huntington's avatar

It’s fucking creepy

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His mother must be so proud…

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@Mike_Hunt Ahaha! Yeah, short and simply put as well as accurate. It’s just wierd….

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they’re wierd

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“a self-professed happily married man from Lincoln Park, New Jersey…” Yeah, right

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My needs are for relations with with a real human being about whom I truly care.

I feel sorry for people for whom a fake human with apertures are, for them, a substitute.

knitfroggy's avatar

I don’t have feelings about them either way. I don’t want to use one, but I don’t have anything to say about anyone that does.

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The plastic kind of rubs and squeaks.

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That’s super creepy.

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Just thought about this… if they can afford a $7,000 sex robot; they can afford a gold-digger.

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@Chongalicious I know right…..I could have a lot more fun wasting money on a vacuous, shallow trophy girl rather than a fake one lol.

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“Users” are undoubtedly social deviates. So, I would rather they be sticking it in plastic/vinyl/rubber (whatever) than surfing the Web for children.

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I’d rather make love with my spouse than a toy.

I’d rather someone screw a toy than go out and screw someone else unwilling.

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You guys are jerks. If someone is lonely enough to have to resort to this he has my sincerest sympathy, not judgment.

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I meant the doll was creepy

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Jerks who tell it like it is…
@Blackberry haha yeah that’s how I see it! If you’re gonna spend $7,000 on a girl, let her have a pulse.

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Very good points about them doing the doll instead of someone unwilling.

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@nikipedia I totally understand, it’s just a comical topic altogether because of the nature of it, but the doll is $7k…..How can you have that much money to blow and not find some other way to have fun with humans…..ya know?

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Eh, whatever floats your boat. If I were a guy, I think I’d prefer a fleshlight – a lot cheaper and I dunno, I’m not sure I would really need the rest of the doll.

As an aside, I believe there’s a kind of disorder where guys get attached to inanimate objects like love dolls and such, which I find kind of sad. But, I dunno, if it makes them happy and they’re not hurting anyone, who am I to judge?

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@Chongalicious If you’re gonna spend $7,000 on a girl, let her have a pulse. I’m sure the next model will have one built in ;)

Chongalicious's avatar

@borderline_blonde hahah I haven’t finished reading the article but I’m already seeing she’s “warm to the touch”....okay this is officially a WTF moment! :O

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I feel…. hmmmm. Not a thing!

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Creepy and sad.

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i feel..i think they make love..

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

I find this fascinating – I don’t judge it.

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It’s not something I would have any interest in, but I’m not going to judge someone if they choose to use one or whatever. It’s just none of my business who or what other people fuck, as long as it’s all consensual.

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It’s safer than a whore..

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Fuck ‘em!

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…I wonder how many people on fluther just ordered their new girlfriend…

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Well I think every rapist should have one and only live out their sick fantasy on a doll.

It is a bit creepy as already mentioned and sad, however I rather be in a room with a guy or girl who has found some way of relieving their sexual fustrations than be in a room with a sexually fustrated person.

I also suppose, it cleaner and cheaper than a prostitute.
No medical bills to pay except for some duct tape in an accident.
You can use it in the HOV lane.
You can divorce from it any time with the prick of a pin.
There will be no alimony or unexpected pregnacies.
No arguments and it will never say it has a headache.
It can always keep you company when you watch games on tv and not interupt.
It will always have that surprise look on its face when it sees you naked, so I guess its an ego booster as well. LMAO

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That sex doll looks scary…I felt violated.

tries to hide in a corner

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@Pandora Hmmmmm, maybe it isn’t so bad after all lol.

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Imagine a convention of people who love their sex dolls.

Do they swap partners for a night?
Do they all have group sex?
Do they take their mates to the pool, sauna, hot tubs?

Can you imagine working at the hotel reception desk and trying to be courteous and not look incredulous or bemused?

I realize that people whose only close relationship is with their synthetic mates probably do so in absolute privacy but the notion of a convention for them just struck me as a potential setting for a CSI (Las Vegas) episode.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

@Dr_Lawrence I don’t think, from what I know of this phenomenon, that people share with others this habit of theirs – when I saw a documentary about this, though, this one guy who had like 5 dolls finally told his girlfriend who tried her hardest to be okay with all of this but couldn’t in the end…and then there was this other couple and they had the doll and did stuff a la menage a trois

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