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Do you have to be a certain age to get invisaline?

Asked by fortris (680points) March 2nd, 2008

I’m fourteen a need braces, but most of the foods I like, you can’t eat with braces. Do they have an age limit for invisaline (without having to call a doctor)

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No – when my son was 12 and we were discussing orthodontia options, the Doctor told us that Invisalign were an option for him, but recommended against them for a few reasons… primarily because kids are usually not disciplined enough to wear them as much as you really need to for them to be effective.

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I suggest you consult a neuro-muscular dentist before going ahead with the braces. Your jaw is still growing and your orthodontist could make a bad bite worse, causing TMJ, if he or she does not look at the total picture of your jaw and head muscles when deciding how to re-align your teeth. Keep in mind this is an area of your body that has a lot of force, and that you are always using. It’s also close to your spine, eyes, and ears. Having a bite realigned purely for aesthetics can cause problems in all these other areas, including your jaw joints.
Why do you need braces? Sometimes a gap in your front teeth will close on it’s own as your whole jaw develops – your mouth may need this space.
If you get braces as a teen, you may need to get them again as an adult – like me, and for much longer (2–3 years, ugh! and at 28 – not pretty), to fix the problems the first braces caused.
BTW – I’ve heard invisaligns don’t work so well and take longer.

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