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I need a comparison on Zune vs. Zune HD?

Asked by joon1986 (185points) February 2nd, 2010

I am thinking about buying either ZUNE 120gb or 16gb Zune HD
(both of them are around same price despite the fact that the capacity of HD is way less than old one)
I have looked up the reviews and stuffs but I would like to hear opinions from people who actually have one or had one
and even better comparison between the experience you had with ipod/iphone vs either one of ZUNE product
and lastly what would be the reasonable price for used ZUNE now days? I live in Windsor Canada and people sell it for $170~$200 which is good enough money for me to buy 32gb IPOD touch 3g in toronto…
well give me some ideas!!

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Both play music. One has a bigger screen, and one can hold ten times more songs.

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I’ll make it real easy. If you’re trying to decide between the Zune and the Zune HD, get the HD.

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i had an ipod, zune 30gb the small 7gb and now the zune hd and to tell you truth im pretty satisfied with everything the hd can do and very soon their app store is going to be booming, i say the zune hd because well im pretty happy with it.

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