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I would love to do something romantic for my girlfriend on Valentine's Day. Suggestions?

Asked by Jude (32098points) February 3rd, 2010

She already told me that she’s getting a printed copy (on canvas) of a painting that I love (my avatar). The painting means a lot to the both of us, and to me, that’s pretty romantic.

She loves art, music, and the cosmos.

I have a total brain fog going and am not all that creative at the moment.

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Take a same sex ballroom dance class. They do exist, you just have to search around.

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Name a star after her! I think it’s starregistry,com

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@kikibirdjones : Awesome answer!! That’s an adorable, cheesy, and romantic gift! Can someone call my SO and suggest that to him? Hehe

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Gold and emeralds were always my fallback idea. Massage oils (and maybe a book or video on how to use them)?

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@kikibirdjones I’ve done that 3x in my life – it’s cool.
@jmah you can also book a bed and breakfast in the area for 2 days just to do naughty things to her (that’s what I’m doing with Alex)

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What about taking her away for a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast?

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Name a star? Really? My wife would laugh me out of the house for that. xD

Hence why I’m anxiously awaiting other answers here that might be good for her.

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@kikibirdjones : No problem :) I love appreciating GAs when it’s deserved!

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@kikibirdjones I love the star idea. :)

@stranger_in_a_strange_land actually, we just bought some massage oil, and we each gave the other a rather a lovely full body massage. Now, the B & B, that sounds like a great idea—for a little frisky play. We could bring the massage oil along.

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I just saw this on The Simpsons:

Homer took Marge up in a hot air balloon and showed her a likeness of herself planted in flowers and a flower-spelled message that read something like, “Love Forever” or what have you.

That seemed pretty romantic.

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Write her a song :) Or a poem! Doesn’t have to be amazing and doesn’t have to rhyme, just make it say everything you love about her.

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@zenmaster1414 I love that. Thank-you.

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I am thinking something similar to what zen was saying. Memorize one of her favorite songs and a pick a sweet time to recite it back to her like you would say a poem.

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Awh, I just love Valentine’s Day! This question has me feeling all romantic and warm n’ fuzzy <3

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@kikibirdjones My kids did that for me. I like the poetry angle. Look up the sonnet rules and it’s not as hard as one might think.
Also, something done by hand, like a hand written card. Invest in a couple fountain pens, vellum or some nice paper, good ink, do some practice strokes and….Voila!
And as I suggested to that other person, a nice dinner, candles, Al Greene on the stereo….

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Paint!!! I mean get some canvas and some body paint . When she’s not around invite some friends over and make a video of you on the canvas- the body paint applied by your friends and you make a painting for her . When you give it to her she goes “awwww- where did you get it?” then you pop in the DVD and she see’s how it was made.

Remember- Body Paint!

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ok, here’s another cheesy one
go to this website and do what we did but don’t let her know
you’ll get a certificate in the mail like ours shown on the bottom
laminate it and put it in a frame or on the wall – put a quote, poem, song that’s meaningful to the both of you in the middle…your names will be put on the monument when it gets built

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I’m loving these ideas!

@Trillian very nice!

@phil196662 so original. Me likey. :)

@Simone_De_Beauvoir very, very romantic (you look beautiful, btw).

We had a little fun with latex body paint in the past (my new fetish). It was fun painting one another. The body paint thing, and surprising her with a video—I had better get on that.

Thank, jellies.

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Yes @jmah ; when she knows the truth you bring out a box with extra canvas and paint and open a bottle of wine

Get different colors you have not used so it will be new for both of you!

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Find a hotel that offers an outdoor soaking bathtub so you two can soak surrounded by candles and watch the stars while sipping champagne and noshing goodies. Most will have in room CD players so you could bring along music she likes.

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@jmah thanks, I don’t particularly like that picture but years ago, I thought, this was the picture that really represented what I look like on a day to day basis

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I like art, music and the cosmos as well. Does she like tea? I got a loose leaf tea kettle and some different kinds of loose leaf teas for a gift and I have been loving it.

Does she like yoga? A couples yoga class would be an awesome gift.. it is something you would do together and that could bring you closer.

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Uh, honey, is that you? Haha! (I’m kidding). She loves yoga and is a big tea drinker.

Thanks for the suggestions. :)

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Glad I could help :)

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