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How am I to know which questions are better suited for the chatroom? Aren't most questions suitable for the chatroom?

Asked by NaturalMineralWater (11303points) February 3rd, 2010

I seem to repeatedly come up with questions that are “no good” for fluther.. questions that are “better suited for the chatroom”. What makes a question a chatroom question?

I wonder if I’m looking deeper into my questions than others.. deducing some higher meaning which isn’t readily evident based on the phrasing of my questions. xD

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Question suited for the chatroom are generally ones that can generate simple answers or even yes/no answers. Question that are good are ones that can produce thoughtful answers.

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@erichw1504 I suppose that’s my point about my phrasing. I wouldn’t ask a question if I thought it was a simple yes/no.. yet someone else makes the judgment call on that. It is, admittedly, frustrating to type up a question and have it awaiting edit within seconds. I suppose it all depends on which moderators are online at the time because I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous questions become wildly popular. XD

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Many questions are considered “chatty” – they don’t seek to solve a problem, and they don’t spark a discussion, they merely tell stories or ask other to tell stories. Those are sent to the chat room.

Some questions that are borderline are saved by the details section. The expansion on the subject gives the question more depth.

Some questions should get edited, but no moderator is on duty at the time and by the time we see it, there has been extensive interaction, and so we leave it.

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@syz Sigh. I suppose I just need to be more verbose then? Because when I ask a question I have millions of variables in my head that affect my own answer to the question.. but without sufficient and adequate consideration… bah… lol… i give…. i’m at the mercy of moderation.. that’s life… XD

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Not just verbose- it is about starting a dialogue not just chatting. Like @syz says.

Think of it this way- are you asking something to learn? Do you want to explore a subject? Do you want to find out more on a topic? Do you need to solve a problem? Those are quality questions.

If you want to start a conversation, swap stories or ask something vague such as what is your favorite (insert words) then it is better suited to chat.

By the way- in days gone by being sent to chat was like being sent to Siberia. This is no longer true! We have integrated chat and there is almost always someone present.

We have a link on the top of the page ^ to chat. Drop on by and chime in to what ever conversation is going or start a new one!

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@Dog The thing is, all of your questions can be answered with yes for me. Yes, I’m wanting to learn, explore a subject, find out more about a topic and solve a problem. I don’t take it to chat because I don’t think it’s a chat type question…Siberia or not…

It’s a simple matter of me totally disagreeing with the moderator/s on many questions… which I can live with.. it’s just that my topic will never be explored like I wanted it to. =)

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I’ve had those same questions. I feel I’m asking a question that will start a discussion, only to be told it belongs in the chat room…which is a room where you have discussions! I can’t really find any rhyme or reason in it either.

Also, to me, swapping stories is also a good and interesting way to learn something. “Tell me about the time you did this, and how did you handle it….”

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@NaturalMineralWater Can you give an example?

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@andrew Certainly. This particular question today was:

What are your favorite days of the week? Months of the year? Why are they your favorite? Is it because of the climate during that time? A significant event during your life that happened during that month or day? Why do you like Tuesday better than Wednesday or vice versa? How much does society affect this choice? Is it different in America versus other countries? (I could go on with the variables that were in my head that would cause someone to choose one way over the other, but I was curious as to what others answers would be. My question was worded almost exactly like this.. though I forget how being that it is now abandoned.)

To me, this is not a “chat” question. It is not a yes/no type question. It does not have a simple answer as everyone will have their own opinion on it and countless numbers of reasons.

Is it a silly question? Perhaps if someone takes only a cursory glance at it.. it could appear so.. but I think there is a lot more involved and lot more to talk about that warrants more than a cursory glance. And again, part of that could be because of how I perceive things as opposed to that particular moderator.. The funny thing is.. before it was pushed to editing it managed to get one GQ. LOL

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It has to do with the way in which you phrase it.

“How is your perception of time affected by your culture?” or “What makes you enjoy a certain time period?” are less likely to be modded, especially when you add those great details.

“What are your favorite days of the week?” though, right off the bat reads as a ‘getting to know you question’—and “getting to know you” questions are pushed to the chatroom.

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@andrew God forbid we try to get to know each other in a forum environment. XD

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@NaturalMineralWater It’s not what Fluther is for—but it is what the chatroom and PMs are for.

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