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Ladies: what do you think of high-heeled, bikini clad superheroines in comics and such?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) February 3rd, 2010

Part 1. From Wonder Woman to Cat Woman, many female heroes in comic books and television shows wear costumes that resemble the latest from Victoria’s Secret. In other words, “swim suits” and high heels are the style for modern heroines.

I never thought about this until today…why? How can these heroines even fight in high heels (a normal woman can barely where them all day)? And isn’t the swimsuit style costume just begging for injury? Now I know these girls wanna make an impression on the bough heros…but beyond that, is there any other benefits? How do they manage?

Part 2. If you were a heroine, would you wear the “hot items” and be comfortable with it? Would the pain of fashion be worth it? Would you have the gut to go forth in battle exposed “bikini style”? Or would your attire be completely different (more practical maybe?) from the popular?

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If they have super powers I suppose they can afford to look hot. If it works and looks cool, I don’t mind, but if it were me, I’d be wearing leather and beer cans.

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I’m sure that I’d be able to kick ass in skimpy attire avec heels.

Oh, hai, Elektra. :)

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I think it’s cliche and creative minds out there can do better but don’t.

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I think it is because they are drawn by young males. Of course super hero males usually wear skin tight attire as well.

But yes the bottom line is, just one more message sent to our young females that you have to dress in a provocative fashion no matter what you do because it is what you are good for!

Kind of reminds me of beach volleyball, the guys wear boardies and tank tops, the girls are required to wear skimpy bikini bottoms. Why do women stand for this? How can you dig out a ball if you are worried about your bottoms riding up or falling down???

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In response to part 2:
No way in hell would I fight crime in an outfit like that.
It’s just not practical.
THIS would be my attire of choice. Please and thank you.

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Not a woman, but I think it’s stupid. A lot of superhero duds are, but are iconic enough that we give them a pass. Batman is the only exception that comes to mind, once you forgive the bat ears
This is much more believable than this.
This is even better.

@rangerr GA for Boba Fett!

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We women got hot bodies! So why not show it off while we can prove we kick ass?

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I don’t mind it.

Comics are, like so many things, the product of fantasy. The fantasies of Frank Miller apparently include chainmail thongs. Whatever.

My fantasies consist of muscular green-skinned elves clad in doeskin breeches that glow with magic when they play their instruments in the moonlight.

I’ve never been really into comics other than X-Men (and the females there are pretty reasonably-dressed), but I know a couple of my AD&D characters have been known to wear somewhat questionable costumes. Never bikini bottoms, but I have done tattered skirts with bandeau tops, and loooong boots.

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They wear flats too
She can tie me up with that magic lasso anytime.
although a little too butch..i prefer the Lynda Carter version

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer always seems to kick ass in hooker boots and a miniskirt, so more power to em. I guess guys just like seeing a hot chick dominate.

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plus, those stilettos save having to carry around a stake.

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Well we just like to see a hot chick period.

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1) Skintight clothes are very comfortable and good for moving in, actually. Just look at what female gymnasts wear. I see your point about the high heels though. I think the reason for the scanty costumes is that the classic concept of a female badass is of a very sexy and powerful woman.

2) I would be wearing something like this, meself.

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@Seek_Kolinahr they’d have to be wood though :P

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Buffy can find wood wherever she goes

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I’d find it offensive, but men in comics look just as uncomfortable as the women do, so I guess I shouldn’t.

If it were me I’d be kicking ass in my pjs. But then, I’d spend every moment of my life in my pjs if I had the option.

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It’s hard enough to take them seriously as crime fighters in tights. In PJ’s they would just get hugs


@Nullo I agree, Batman’s one of the coolest male superheroes. The Dark Knight Batman that is, not the early t.v. Batman. My favorite comic book superhero is Black Bolt. He’s not as popular as Batman, but I think he’s pretty cool

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I’d wear my super sweats.

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1 You make some good points. Personally, if my main objective were to go out and kick someones ass, my first wardrobe of choice wouldn’t be a bikini and heels or something too tight for me to move in. Running and fighting in heels? Ow. No thanks.

2 If I could wear a suit of armor like samus that would be my choice.

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You do realize that they aren’t real right?! It would be a pretty boring fantasy if everything was realistic!

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@Leanne1986 oh it doesn’t have to be realistic
that’s the whole thing – it’s too realistic to see women be objectified.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I’d be lying if I said that I was as sensitive to this as you obviously are. I don’t see it as women being objectified because, despite the fact they are in skimpy clothing I would also be lying if I didn’t say that I actually love cat womans outfit!, they are portrayed as strong, powerful people. To me it is no more degrading than the male superheros are to men.

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@Leanne1986 there is no reason for them to be in skimpy clothing, that is all – we don’t need to see that despite portion, because powerful women can be powerful and they don’t have to dress that way so that they can still be ‘sexy’. Clearly, a powerful woman is threatening so let’s just put her in an outfit that’s not so it’s not so intimidating.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Like I said, I really don’t look that deeply into it. I am interested to know what you would prefer to see these superheros wear that is equally as eye catching, memorable and fun because, really, I think that’s all these characters are supposed to be.

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@Leanne1986 well I’m not an artist but I know there are so many talented people out there who’d come up with something, just for having options sake

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I know that 90% of comic book fans are males, for whatever that’s worth…
but if women like the costumes, whatever flips their pancakes.

I’m sure those people are already around, but it will only be considered interesting when the mainstream audience looks at a female character without searching for obvious sex appeal. I just think it’s too bad that anything outside of that box is viewed as less fictional, and having zero fantasy element.

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i took s opicture
in mt batgirl
and i fell off my bathroom counter.
girls dont wear skirts to fight crime.
and tequilaw.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I have seen a comic book character (that wasn’t in anime or manga) in a Kimono. That was cool!

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