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What are fun forms of exercise for people who hate working out?

Asked by bunnyh (26points) February 4th, 2010

I hate the gym, I don’t live near the ocean, and I don’t like team sports. What’s left?

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I once dated someone 16 years younger then myself. She got me in great shape. ;-)

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@ChazMaz You beat me to it. So I’ll say it twice SEX, SEX.

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River dancing, just ask Cruiser. He is in his 50’s and has buns of steel.

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Bike riding, walking, playing with kids, deep house cleaning, yard work, gardening, digging holes, swimming, hiking, back packing, scuba diving, walking around amusement parks, dancing, sitting on a Pilate’s ball while watching TV, lifting a baby over your head, .....
Exercise is moving your body through space. It doesn’t have to be at the gym, just get your butt up off the couch or away from the computer, and MOVE!!!! She says to herself.

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Do some speed walking (fabulous for your body). Throw on your iPod and go.

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Tennis, raquetball, martial arts like boxing or tai qwan do, walking

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Dance, Dance, Dance!

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Yowzah, Yowzah, Yowzaaah!

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Hammer Dance.

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you know what works great and is really fun and well worth your money? but the WII with the WII fit plus…i hate to work out as well but the WII fit is an absolute fun way to exercise and it really works and it gives you tips and helps you out..if your really serious about working out I would think about getting one : )

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Salsa dancing

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Bench press the refridgerator ;)

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my one friend who is a real couch potato used to work her arms and legs on the chair. She’s so mad! she was so determined and got muscles in her arms and legs, then she did butt exercise and tummy toning all while watching TV. I’ve never seen that before. Not sure I would enjoy that.

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Wii. Gonna have to go with the Wii here.

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tennis is SO FUN. do you live in an area where you can ride your bike instead of walking or driving? if so, yeah yeah for bikes! just dont get hit by a car :(

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Martial arts.

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Water Aerobics are a lot of fun. You can contact your local YMCA to see if they offer classes.

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I second @LunaChick – water aerobics are great. That and walking are the two forms of exercise I’ve consistently enjoyed for the past ten years or so.

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