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Help with problems with burning an audio CD with Windows Media Player?

Asked by Seek (34805points) February 4th, 2010

When I burn a CD (using Windows Media Player 10, on Windows XP Home edition), some of the tracks just don’t work on a CD player. They’re not copyright protected. The disc seems to “close” properly. I’m using clean, new Memorex CD-Rs (not CD-RWs). There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which tracks won’t play – I burn the album one way, then shuffle and burn again, and different tracks are non-functional each time.

What gives?

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The only reason I can think of is that the tracks are mp3 or mp4 format, which works fine on a computer, but not all CD players. Try different CD players (eg your car, Playstation, walkman etc) and see what happens.

You can use Nero (there are older, free versions of it online) or some other programme which will allow you to turn mp3s back into audio files. Those will work on all CD players.

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First, check whether the CD player can play mp3 files. If can, then something is wrong during the CD burning process.

I thought you should burn to CD-R disc only once, I mean you cannot burn more than one time to a CD-R?

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I think it’s a problem with some particular CD players that their codecs they use to play computer generated CDs are buggy. I have that problem with one particular CD that I burned. My car CD player “hiccups” for a second on one particular song always at the same spot. But none on my other CD players has any problems with it. Back when CDs were created by recorging companies, manufacturers of CD players didn’t have to contend with different formats and odd (but perfectly within spec) ways of blocking and linking sectors that different burn utilties often make use of.

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It’s not the CD player.

I’m starting to think my burner’s gone wonky. The discs (I’m not trying to burn to the same CD over and over. That’s silly.) look funny on the burned side. They come out with rings on them. I think the burner is skipping tracks.

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Oh, rings aren’t good. Are the rings always in the same place? That could be a sign of a bad drive.

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Seems to be, yeah. Crapola. I knew Ol’ Faithful had to die someday.. .(My computer’s an ‘05. It’s been giving more and more problems lately.)

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Most lilely something is scraping against the disk in that one spot. If it’s a desktop, you can probably swap CD drives easily enough without replacing the computer.

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