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Help with a resume for my cousin?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7420points) February 4th, 2010

I have a cousin who I’m helping out. He’s living with me until he’s back on his feet again. I’m trying to help him build a resume to get a new job. He’s an Ex Con, and as a result he’s had 10 years of unemployment, and I’m not sure how to explain that gap on a resume.

I’m letting him stay at my place, helping him get a car, just got his license reinstated, and he’s testing for his drivers license next week.

What advice can you share?

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You tell the truth about that ten years. You have to eventually, don’t you? I’m pretty sure in Canada it’s on the form. If not, say he was overseas.

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I’m pretty sure they’ll find out when he gives his SSN and fills out a CORI form. It’s not a secret… it’s public record, and it’s especially important information for a potential employee.

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well, should something like that even find it’s place on a resume? I mean obviously he isn’t going to lie about it. I already told him to be up front about it. Though for his particular crime, the less detail is probably best for him.

He served time for Aggravated Robbery, so it’s not something employers usually want to hear. But he is going to say when asked about it, that it was robbery, and he was just in a bad way 10 years ago, but is back on the right track now.

I just don’t know what I should include on this resume to make it sound better?

I mean, he did get his associates degree while he was in.

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@RandomMrdan It’s much better to offer information of the sort. I think it would look awfully bad if he was their first choice for the job but then they find out that he’s an ex-con and decide against him. To be a bit nosy, might I ask what the job is?

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What kind of work is he applying for? By law, there are certain jobs that prevent people with felony convictions form holding.

I guess at this point of the game he cannot be choosy in the work that can be had. Certain jobs do not really care for such background, typically jobs requiring manual labor. He should take on an entry level position that interest him and use it as a stepping stone to greater employment opportunities by proving his abilities, dependability and trustworthyness.

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We haven’t narrowed a search for particular jobs just yet. But I think manual labor is where we’re going to start.

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i think you are right…do it what you think…

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depending on your location, you can look for positions as farm hands, golf course groundskeeper, construction helper, road crew

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