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what is the average salary for a web developer?

Asked by topserb96 (131points) March 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

any web developers have a ball park figure?

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Depends (on skill level, experience, what you mean by “web developer,” etc.). As a range, I’d say between 40 and 80k USD. Anything higher or lower than that is an outlier in my experience.

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segdeha has the right range. Though I have seen outliers on the upper end but they’re few and far between. Depends how sought after your skills are.

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It also depends on where you’re looking, and what your skill set is.

If your best qualification is that you can spell HTML and recognize an angle bracket when you see it, and you’re in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be lucky to make $35K.

If you understand how HTTP works and understand the difference between PUT and GET and DELETE and why you might care, and you are well-versed in two or three current web application frameworks, and you’re living in a metropolitan area, you could make $100K-$120K easily.

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