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What Art college should i go to?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) February 5th, 2010

I’m looking for nice art colleges to look at. I don’t care where they are. Im looking at majoring in computer graphics and design. Any ideas?

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My sister is a high school art teacher and an adjunct professor of art at the Art Institute of Dallas. She raves about the Art Institue of Savannah and says it offers great scholarships.

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I am nearly finished with my web design bachelor at the Art Institute International in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And I have not been impressed. The admissions people lied to me about several things, it is ridiculously expensive and apart from a small handful of knowledgeable teachers, I felt very neglected as a pupil and my expensive classes were quite a waste of my money.

I do not recommend AI. Very dissatisfied with their professionalism and their lack of desire to adequately provide instruction for what people are paying for to learn.

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Depends on what your plans for the future are. i plan on going to Joe kuberts School of Art, but thats because i like comic art.

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A friend of mine majored in graphic art at our local university. If yours offers a program, it may be more cost effective to do that…or at least consider it as an option.

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Carnegie Mellon University, Maryland Institute College of Art, and GA Tech are some of the ones that stand out in my mind.

Try this link. Normally on these less common topics, US News’ rankings don’t make a ton of sense, but it will probably point you in the right direction. They’re definitely all good schools for graphic arts. Each one has their niche—CMU has an excellent Interaction Design program, MICA is great for virtually everything, and GA Tech has a great web-oriented program.

I would not recommend going to a local college. Anyone in art knows how important it is not just to go to a good school, but a school that has a strong name in the field—it’s competitive enough that even going to the “big names” doesn’t necessarily guarantee any success. Most of the people I know personally who majored in graphic arts also invested in learning web development and work in a more computer-oriented position. All of these schools I’ve mentioned are among the most competitive in the country, so the stakes are pretty high.

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Rhode Island School of Design
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Massachusetts College of Art

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Some good options you should draw your own conclusions. My ideas are a bit sketchy so i’ll defer to the options already given.

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Depends on where you live. there is also a School of the Art Institute in Nashville. its amazing at the amount of talent that comes out of these schools.

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Rhode Island School of Design, world status and they have some access to Brown University classes perhaps even Brown’s computer department.

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@john65pennington Nashville’s Ai campus is not related to SAIC. Ai campuses are generally not accredited, and where they are their credits usually are difficult or impossible to transfer to any other art schools. School of the Art Institute of Chicago is part of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is one of the best and most influential art schools out there. Quite a lot different from Ai.

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