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Tips for saving money at a music festival?

Asked by shadling21 (6491points) February 6th, 2010

You know how it is. You’re low on funds, but you see that Muse, LCD Soundsystem, Jay-Z, and a slew of other great bands are playing at Coachella in a few short months, and you’re tempted. You’re also licking your lips as you read the SXSW lineup. How do you save money at these events?

I hope there are some tips and tricks that Fluther can share with this music fest newbie.

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How do you save money at these events?
You don’t spend any.

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You prepare and take your own food.

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If you are a drinker… Fill your PLASTIC flasks with your favorite hard stuff, put it down your pants as you walk in as to not set off the metal detectors, and mix it with he Sodas once you get inside. It works wonders and is fun to get away with being bad and circumventing the system and high prices they put on beer and wine! One of my favorite tricks…

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Haha! I always overlook food and alcohol expenses. I don’t drink much, thankfully. But those suggestions are great.

I’m also looking at this question to save travel money.

@Mamradpivo W… Water?

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Eat boiled rice with soy sauce and chopped up fried egg and bacon each day.

And apart from food and booze (which is ad hoc), what exactly is there to spend money on, cept tickets!?

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Bring your own food
Don’t buy any crap you don’t need
Don’t buy CDs

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Budget for the standard black tour t-shirt.

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Save money now by not eating out, not going to bars, etc. and banking that money. Then use your savings from now to finance your fun later.

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Try to work out a carp pool with others to cut down on travelling expenses. And, as others have said, pack your own food and drink; they really goudge you on food and even water at festivals.

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Wear black jeans and a plain black t-shirt and work boots. Put all your keys on a carabiner and hook it to your belt loop. Put a mag lite or other small flashlight in a holster on your belt, put a leatherman in a sheath next to it, and put a crescent wrench in your back pocket. Assuming you own all those things already, or can get generic versions cheap, you just walk right in the back gate like you know what you’re doing and your’re in for free.

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I’ve been to festivals where I was allowed in with bottled water if it was sealed. If you want to have water to drink, buy a bottle with a visible printed plastic seal. If you want to sneak in vodka or the like, carefully cut the seal and replace it. You might not get away with it, but they’ll probably just make you throw it out.

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Apply to work the event…stage crew, concession, clean up, crowd control. You might even get paid to be there.

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Take your own drinks, stop at a grocery store on the way there, maybe even take a chiller and keep it in your tent if you’re camping, stock up on water and energy drinks – those are probably the two most important things at a music festival, and probably the most expensive at the end of the day.

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Tickets to a concert can get pretty steep.
Bottled Water can go for $4 to $9. For fucking water!
Best thing to do? Buy the CD, and skip the robbery of a concert.
For all the money I spent on concerts in my youth, I could have had a sizeable down payment for a house!

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no way! live music and festival atmosphere is good for body and soul!

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Bring more money than you can spend.

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